Heavy legs: Natural Remedies

Heavy legs

The veins are superficial veins dilate and cause a feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs if you are a long time standing or remains long in the same position. The problem is accentuated with the arrival of the first warm because the heat promotes blood vessel dilation and therefore makes it more difficult to get around.

The herbs and other “sweet” remedies are the right solutions for prevention or early manifestations of the problem. Of course, it is always advisable to seek help from the experts to identify the most suitable combination to your case. Moreover, any nature circulatory disorder should first be brought to the attention of the doctor, pointing out that, especially in these cases, you should never mix without his opinion prepared herbal and drugs. For instance, ginkgo and other herbs active circulation should never be used in combination with anticoagulants or anti-platelet drugs.

Heavy legs
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Here, however, some useful solution for everyone …

To prevent varicose veins: A good preventive care consists in the mixture of the following action herbs reinforcing on blood vessels: Mix 20 g of yarrow, 20 g of rosemary, 20 g of horse chestnut, 20 g of cypress berries, 10 g of hawthorn and 10 g of verbena. Put a spoon of herbs and a cup of cold water in a saucepan, and then put on a moderate flame. Bring to a boil and wait a few minutes before turning off the flame. After a quarter of an hour the mixture can be filtered and drink, possibly with the addition of a tablespoon of honey or cane sugar. Of this decoction, you can drink a cup in the morning and evening, continuing steadily for about twenty days.

To strengthen the blood vessels: It indicates the mother tincture of yarrow, or witch hazel or shepherd’s purse. The American chrysanthemum decongestant and anti-inflammatory, but it is recommended to use it for too long periods. They strengthen the veins also the butcher’s broom, centella, ginkgo biloba and red vine. All of these herbs are available in various formulations, either individually or already mixed. If you take as a tincture, dosages are typically 35-40 drops dissolved in water, to use 2-3 times a day, between meals. A cure requires the combination of yarrow, kola, gingko, to be taken at different times of the day (such as ginkgo in the morning, the Centella in half days and yarrow in the evening).

For obvious varicose veins: In case of very evident varices can, however, prepare a decoction with a mixture of equal parts of yarrow, lady’s mantle, horsetail and burdock. Place a spoonful of the mixture and a cup of cold water in a saucepan and simmer for a couple of minutes. After turning off the fire, making it cool before filtering. Use to compress the legs, to be made with gauze or cotton soaked towels.

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