Everything You Need to Know About Packaged Food

Everything You Need to Know About Packaged Food

The type of packaged food is also an aspect to take into account to continue a healthy diet . Because without realizing it we can consume harmful or altered components that can affect our health.

Authorities are increasingly aware of the importance of this aspect and legislate to protect the interests of the consumer.

Types of Packaged Food

Everything You Need to Know About Packaged Food

When we talk about packaged food we must differentiate two types of food packaging:

  • The food packages that we buy
  • The containers we use to store recipes or preparations at home.

In the first case, when the food industry looks for the most suitable packaging, it takes into account that the container keeps the food in excellent condition. It is resistant to keep it out of risk of contamination and that it has the least environmental impact. Keep reading:  These foods contain more calcium than milk. You have to start consuming them!.

Good manufacturing practices must manufacture all materials and there can be no migration of the components of the food packaging in quantities that can:

  • Be a danger to health.
  • Modify the composition of foods.
  • Altering the organoleptic/sensory characteristics in foods.

Next, we will see some of the symbols that contain the containers of the foods, and we are going to explain:

It is not an easy task but the packaging industry is in a continuous process of research and development to obtain the best products, and it seems that one of the current trends is the use of polypropylene since it has been seen that it could be a good alternative.

The polypropylene protects against external influences such as shocks and impacts and the impact of chemicals or biological agents such as pathogens or climatic factors respectively. Also, it meets all the legal requirements regarding the containers authorized to contain food.

About packaging for home preparations

Everything You Need to Know About Packaged Food

It must be ensured that the recommendations for use indicated by the manufacturer are followed to avoid the risk of migration of toxic substances. Especially if they are subjected to temperature. It must be taken into account if indicated recommended time and temperature conditions. Apart from the packaging, it is also recommended to monitor with the kitchenware: jars, glasses, trays, plates, cutlery, splash lids used for heating in the microwave. All of them should carry the indication that they are suitable for contact with them as well as if they are suitable for the dishwasher, microwave or freezer. Keep reading http://carroussa.com/tips-and-ideas/surprise-your-guests-with-these-unusual-wedding-food-ideas/

Apart from the official information that they are suitable for contact with food. Special care must also be taken that they do not have any unforeseen defect. Such as, breakage or scratches since they could modify their characteristics. The containers of products designed to be used must not be reused. Be used only once in the microwave.

Plastic bottles of water

Everything You Need to Know About Packaged Food

Another of the containers that we must review are the plastic bottles of water. These bottles can be filled as they are made of PET plastic. A plastic that would not be a risk for food safety . Because it is resistant to avoid the passage of toxic substances inside the water. The problem of their use is if they are washed improperly with substances that can be toxic. Such as, detergents or bleach, apart from the fact that they can cause the migration of some substance. Also, drinking water from the bottle or touching it with contaminated hands can transmit harmful bacteria from the mouth or skin.

We have seen the most outstanding aspects of packaged food and its aspects. It should be taken into account as consumers. You may like also: recommendations to eat healthily.

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