The therapeutic uses of marijuana

uses of marijuana

The marijuana has multiple therapeutic and medicinal uses , in this article we will study them , always remembering that it is not to encourage the use of marijuana as a light drug, but to deepen its uses and its therapeutic potential for the treatment of various diseases .

Uses of marijuana

uses of marijuana

What are the potential and possible benefits of cannabis used in therapeutic doses? Check also: 5 legal herbs that can be evaporated in the vaporizer. Lately the cultivation of marijuana has been extended (to see grow ) for its sale and private consumption, generating controversy in many countries, the certain thing is that it is demonstrated that the marijuana has many therapeutic effects , between the main ones they are:

Brain cancer

The latest confirmation of the anti-tumor properties of cannabis admitted that some substances derived from cannabis could combat the most serious forms of brain cancer, even by reducing the size of tumors. These substances would facilitate the action of radiotherapy on cancer cells.


In a greenhouse near London, authorized for the cultivation of cannabis for therapeutic purposes, the potential of this plant against schizophrenia is being studied . Cannabis could have an antipsychotic effect . The team of experts has decided to implement a treatment that can be used to treat psychosis and related diseases.

uses of marijuana

Multiple sclerosis

In 2017, Italy approved the sale of a medicine based on cannabinoids. It is a Sativex oromucosal spray, composed of the two active ingredients THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), which are extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. This spray is indicated as a complementary treatment for patients with moderate to severe spasticity , after multiple sclerosis.


A recent study focused on the possibility of using marijuana to fight the virus that causes AIDS. The study found that one of the most important and well-known active ingredients in cannabis, THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), is able to protect cells from damage caused by the HIV virus.

The medicinal uses of marijuana

uses of marijuana

Cannabis oil

Cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and epileptic seizures: a mother in Florida would have saved her 19-month-old daughter from these conditions thanks to cannabis oil. The doctors had given him a few days to live, but his mother decided to start cannabis oil in the sublingual administration after reading several medical articles and magazines describing this type of treatment. The first improvements would have arrived after 24 hours.

Anxiety and stress

According to research, cannabis for therapeutic use would have the ability to relieve the symptoms of post-traumatic stress . In fact, cannabinoids, the active compound in cannabis, could block the feeling of anxiety caused by traumatic episodes if they were taken within 24 hours after the onset of the stressful episode.

uses of marijuana

Neurological damage and cognitive deficits

Research conducted by experts at Tel Aviv University showed that low doses of THC could protect our brain from serious neurological damage and cognitive deficits. The research shows how very low doses of the active ingredient can be taken, less than 1,000 to 10,000 times compared to the amounts present in a joint, for the protection of the brain and in order to preserve cognitive functions over time.

Diabetes and obesity

Cannabis, in therapeutic doses, could be useful for the treatment of obese patients at risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Two compounds in the leaves of cannabis -Thcv and cannabidiol- can increase the amount of energy the body burns by helping to treat two types of diabetes and reduce the risk of diabetes.

As you can see apart from the controversy over the uses of marijuana, the truth is that marijuana has multiple therapeutic properties and medicine continues to investigate its medicinal uses to apply in the treatment of various diseases. You may also like:

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