Benefits of teeth whitening with activated charcoal

teeth whitening with activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is ideal for whitening teeth naturally and economically. It also leaves the mouth free of germs and bacteria causing disease, removes dental plaque and stain the denture superficially. It is safe to swallow and can be used by anyone.

How activated charcoal works for teeth

Activated charcoal powder is not the same as we use in our homes to light fires. This is a type of coal that is used primarily for medical purposes. It has a large number of micropores capable of absorbing toxins.

When we use activated charcoal powder for the teeth, we are not only undergoing a natural whitening process, but we also eliminate the harmful bacteria that we have in our mouth, which can cause problems such as cavities and gingivitis.

Recommended time of use

To whiten teeth with activated charcoal, it is recommended to brush once a day for 3 days. If the spots on the denture are a little deeper you can continue the treatment until the 5 days are complete. Rest for 8 weeks and repeat the procedure. It is not recommended to use frequently as it can damage your tooth enamel.


Activated charcoal does not stain your teeth, but if other surfaces. In addition to being such a fine powder is very easy to inhale which is not advisable for our health.

  • When we go to make use of it we must be careful not to spread it and just place it in the container directly.
  • When bleaching teeth with activated charcoal it is advisable to use a toothbrush different from the one normally used, because it will surely be stained.
  • Do not exceed the time of use, this can damage the enamel to your teeth.
  • Rinse well after each application, if it does not, the mouth will remain black and with residues.
  • Apply gently on the denture, the activated charcoal is an abrasive material.
  • If you have dental restorations such as composite fillings, crowns or bridges, it is important to consult with your dentist to make sure they are not affected
  • Do not create very high expectations. The use of activated charcoal teeth whitening will not give short-term results.
  • Deep spots on your teeth should be removed by a specialist. Activated charcoal will not work in these cases.
  • Do not perform this procedure if you have open wounds, cuts or abrasions.
  • Always consult your dentist before attempting a procedure like this, as you may not see the results you expect due to your specific situation.

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