Activated charcoal: What it is, how it is used and the benefits for beauty?

Do you know all the benefits of charcoal? In the last period it has become one of the most used natural ingredients in the world of cosmetics, thanks to its beneficial purifying and detoxifying properties. Find out what are its beneficial actions, how to create DIY remedies and the cosmetics to try based on charcoal!

In recent months, the black mask has become a must-have treatment against blackheads and skin imperfections. Activated carbon, one of the main ingredients of the most popular mask on social networks, is not only contained in the purifying mask but also in other cosmetics and can also be used as a natural remedy. But what are its benefits?

What is charcoal?

Until some time ago, charcoal was associated with supplements and products for digestion, today it is a very popular ingredient also in the field of cosmetics. In fact, coal seems to be one of the ideal ingredients for beauty thanks to its detoxifying power. But what is charcoal? It is a porous powder that is obtained from the carbonization of wood and is known for its absorbent powers and therefore also used in the medical field. In the last period, however, it has been discovered that coal can have a purifying and antibacterial effect even in skin care.

Activated charcoal: The benefits for beauty

Its benefits in the field of beauty are many: thanks to its absorbent properties it is an ingredient suitable especially for combination and oily skin, impure and with an excessive production of sebum. Its action is in fact able to regulate the production and to purify the skin, thus preventing blackheads and pimples. The charcoal also has illuminating properties and can be used in seasonal changes when the skin color appears gray and off: as well as for the skin it can also be used to whiten the teeth. Coal powder can also be used as a body scrub, to eliminate dead cells in a gentle way without irritating the skin. However, its cosmetic properties do not end there: being a natural ingredient it is tolerated even by those who usually have allergies to pigments:

Natural remedies based on activated charcoal

If you love DIY recipes you can use activated charcoal to create remedies of natural beauty. In addition to the recipe to create the black mask you can use coal to obtain a whitening tooth compound that will not damage the enamel: combine two tablespoons of bicarbonate with two tablespoons of powdered clay, then mixing two capsules of powdered activated charcoal. Use the mixture by brushing it on your teeth before using your usual toothpaste: the action of coal will also make your breath fresher! Coal can also be used as a shock treatment to eliminate pimples effectively and quickly: mix the coal powder with a few drops of water as needed and apply the mixture on the pimple, leaving it to act for 30 minutes. If your hair is fat or if you have dandruff, coal can be an excellent remedy to improve their appearance: mix a powdered carbon capsule to your shampoo and proceed with normal washing.

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