Water retention, solutions to slim fast legs

Water retention

To combat water retention must act now to not only improve the appearance of the affected areas, but to relieve discomfort and prevent further vascular disorders. To lose weight quickly the areas affected by water retention, simply take some precautions, using natural remedies and without resorting to drugs or expensive treatments.

The first effective solution for everyone is water. Berne so every day involves a series of scientifically proven benefits: this precious liquid stimulates the elimination of toxins stored in lymphatic deposits; tones the skin and muscles; It moisturizes the mucous membranes and protects cartilage.

Water retention
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Start the morning with a cup of hot water and lemon juice is a natural way to cleanse the body. Continue throughout the day on a regular basis, so as to encourage sweating and diuresis.

Other natural remedies are supplied from the plant world, thanks to the many varieties of medicinal plants. Infusions of Centella asiatica and decoctions from dandelion roots or holly are real blessing for those suffering from water retention. Their therapeutic and beneficial properties have been known since ancient times. The ruscus aculeatus, commonly known as holly, is rich in ruscogenin, a glycoside steroid capable of carrying a powerful vasoconstrictor and strengthening at the level of venous walls and capillaries. Centella asiatica and dandelion stimulate lymphatic flow, draining the accumulated fluids.

As for the power supply it is good to prefer foods high in fiber, low in sugar, fat and sodium. It is also important to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as make a lot of fluids, vitamins and minerals. Salads, cold cream of vegetables, centrifuged and mixed smoothies are indispensable opportunity for dissertation and to hydrate, helping your body regain the line. Finally, take advantage of the fine weather or the holiday period to increase physical activity: long walks carried out early in the morning will reduce water retention and will help you lose weight faster legs and belly.

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