Depression, when an energy problem


The “vacuum energy” is widespread but neglected and dependent on a wrong way to use the energies: do not care about the drugs but the “pleasure of doing”.

When the mood is lowered to produce the typical symptoms of depression – apathy, loss of meaning, pessimism, weakness, lack of motivation – you immediately think of a specific case: it is something bad happened? A loss, a separation, a change?

If you do not reveal anything, usually it is assumed some neurochemical imbalance of nature is not specified and, in most cases, we resort to psychotropic drugs, which can also bring the person, for a while, to feel good (or at least better), until the mood collapses again, with no explanation. It is at that point that we risk falling into a vortex of psychiatric diagnoses that can go from recurrent depression, cyclothymia to bipolar depression, and to be treated for conditions that you do not have.

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Where are our deepest energies?

That of which we speak is a depression that often escapes both psychiatric diagnoses and psychological investigations, but that is actually the most common form of discomfort. We can call it “power vacuum.” When the energy level is lowered beyond a certain threshold, which is different from subject to subject, depression triggers, so sometimes mild, sometimes marked, but always with a mood deflection such as to affect, at least in part, daily activities. It is as if the vital energies were gone and the person, as soon as they present themselves before the normal difficulties of life (work, family concerns) did not feel able to face them, falling into a state of prostration. But where the energies are finite?

How to get out of depression

If you’ve spent well, then you’re happy

The energies are constantly replenished thanks to two developments: the food and rest. But few know that there is another key factor that comes in individual energy balance: the pleasure. Have you ever tried to make a trip in the mountains, coming to an isolated retreat? Remember the feelings?

The phrase “tired but happy” is not enough to express them: a mixture of physical fatigue and pure pleasure to hear your aching body, a feeling of joy for the effort and the result obtained, the happiness of being able to contemplate a wonderful show … There they are actions, and they are the best, most make us spend energy, plus they put us in the ideal condition to retrieve them.

The pleasant actions, those that arouse passion, the actions that we expect perhaps as an oasis of joy on a gray day, on the one hand consume energy, however, return the other fundamental feelings: do what we like very active in the brain and hormones chemical mediators that increase appetite, predispose to a good sleep, they feel at peace with yourself.

A budget loss

Chronic absence of this type of action makes sense the effort more strongly, develops and discouraging negative thoughts, makes it more difficult to recover. Underlying the crisis stems from a lack of pleasurable activities in life is not an existential trauma prevention and care cannot be based on drugs or psychotherapy, but on a very simple and practically free move: energy renaissance. The first form of “recovery” is not dissipating energy in a thousand activities and unnecessary thoughts. Slow down, get out of the rhythm that drew you in trouble, and waits.

Slow down and then accelerate again

The problem is that sometimes we are not able to make good use of our life energy. The waste striving so hard to get a “good” to be appreciated, to look like models that we got in the head. Using such energy means exhaust it. But when we use it in a natural way the energy is “reconstituted”. Rediscover the pleasure of doing “their own thing” is always the most effective antidote to the discomfort: the forces are using to do what gives you pleasure in fact you never run out, re-form every time you use them!

Give it all to others?

Maybe it’s time to think and Exit the idea of “always having to work”: it is this attitude in creating the crisis, because it involves an allegation of any attempt to guide your actions towards pleasure. A full day or full week just to actions in which “functions”, you conduct all the duties but do not do anything for you, can only leave you exhausted and discouraged. Try to reserve the energy for activities during the times of day when you use “your”. The rule is this: if you are physically tired, take a break (even short, but take it); if you’re tired mentally, slow pace and intensity.

Rate Change: Make a little less and listen at your own pace

If you go to meet recurrent crises, the “speed” with which you do things in your life should be reduced. Sometimes it comes to doing fewer things, more often it comes to doing the same things but with more calm. It does not always need all this emotional involvement, nor all this hyper-control. Already save some would change many things.

Delegate sometimes you will feel better

Almost always what drives us to devote body and soul to actions which do not derive enough pleasure is excessive sense of duty and the inability to temporarily delegate to others what we do is heavy.

It is therefore important to “enjoy” a moment where you leave the daily routine but staying away from feelings is indispensable, not even you! Try once again to refrain from one of the many actions you take – for example at home – “otherwise does not think anyone”: you will find that not only does not collapse the world, but that the others eventually organize themselves. And also hold on to their eventual allegations: they’ve become accustomed too well, now it’s up to them busy.

When you do something for you, then rest better

If you find it difficult to fall asleep or not enough rest at night means you have accumulated energies to dispose that keep you awake. It is vital then to spend at least some of your time to an interest in which to apply your physical and mental energies fi enjoyable. A passion that you had as a boy, a curiosity neglected because they “do not have enough time.” Often it is just a matter of organization and time is. If you like a sport for some time but you do not, it’s time to start over.

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