How to control jealousy? Follow the 7 powerful secrets

How to control jealousy

Learning to control jealousy forever is essential not to end up in a toxic love relationship. In this post, you will find incredible tips about how to control jealousy and live a more healthy relationship. Jealousy lives of DOUBTS and they become madness or cease completely as soon as we move from doubt to certainty.

When someone really cares about us, the idea of ​​losing or losing it can be really hard. The mere idea that that person can disappear from our lives can cause discomfort, anguish, but there is something worse than that. That is the idea of ​​someone taking that person away from us and always try to be present.

This feeling of uncertainty leads to spying on the couple’s activities, to see who they are dating, who they are talking to, to read their conversations and to do anything to try to catch them and confirm their suspicions.

How to control jealousy?

Feeling jealous of someone is relatively common, since jealousy arises from emotion, the idea of ​​losing something loved. Throughout his life, anyone can feel jealous. It’s something natural, it’s a way to keep our couple together.

How to control jealousy

That eagerness to stay together with your partner can cause the opposite effect and get to lose that person you love so much forever. For this, you have 7 powerful secrets to control jealousy.

Jealousy, that dragon that kills love under the pretext of keeping it alive.


You may have spied on your partner’s conversations, wanted to forbid him to see certain people, etc. In short, they are things that are done out of jealousy and you think that they serve to tie you or tie you to you. Yes, it is true that in the short term it works, your partner may pay more attention to you, but in the long term, that jealous and controlling behavior produces the opposite effect. Your behavior will end up further alienating that special person.

Why does this happen? It happens because you provoke in a non-conscious way the evil that you fear so much. That is, your partner would never have left you, but your distrust is what pushes her away.


Identify your negative thoughts and modify them with more rational ones. If each time someone calls your partner’s phone you think: “Surely it is your lover”, change it to one more adapted to reality, for example: “It could be a friend or a co-worker”. Start controlling what you think and do not let what you think to control you.


First, you have to keep in mind that that is out of your control. That other people are attracted to our partner (or person we like) is not something we can control. Therefore, instead of being angry, feel proud of that person who is your partner or that someone you are attracted to.

How to control jealousy

Secondly, you should know that it is out of your control how your partner reacts. Okay, you can influence talking about how important loyalty and loyalty are to you, but in the end, you do not control what he or she does. You can not.

And third, if at some point you agree with that person who wants to steal your partner, with that person who has dared to provoke your jealousy, you must react in the following way. Go with good intentions, even wanting to make friends with that person. This reaction of yours will provoke in the person you like the incredible idea that you do not need anyone to be happy.


Enrich your life, you can not allow your only center to be your partner. You have more things: your friends, your hobbies, etc. When you turn your partner into your axis, you end up forgetting about your past life and end up depending absolutely on that person. That carries a greater risk, the constant fear of losing the couple and their corresponding discomfort.


It is important that you know what he or she means by fidelity and if it is among your values ​​of a partner to be loyal or faithful to you because if not, it is someone you would not mind losing.


It is possible that your partner deceives you as much as you do not want it to happen, you can not control everything. If your partner wants to be unfaithful, it will be. If he wants to be unfaithful, he will be. Someone attractive, powerful, with confidence, is not afraid to lose. That space is everything and when you invade it, you push out of the relationship to the other person.

How to control jealousy


Do not react, respond. A reaction is something you do not control, but the response does. Before the jealousy it does not react, it responds. For someone with a powerful belief system, the only thing that should worry you is becoming a person with an extraordinary life. There is no competition for someone with an extraordinary life.

Remember that when you lock that person and force him to be, the beginning of the search for his departure begins. Leaving the door open is precisely the reason why that person will never want to leave. Remember it.

True loyalty is not based on prohibiting freedom. True loyalty is based on trust, on sincerity, on leaving space and not forcing. True loyalty is based on allowing freedom.

Get ready to start an incredible journey to an extraordinary life by applying not only the best lifestyle tricks but also you will have the best resources to have a full love life and achieve success in your life.

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