How to stop being insecure in a relationship?

How to stop being insecure

Very wise who said that jealousy is a reflection of insecurities. It is that when you are not completely comfortable with what we are. It is normal that fears appear that unbalance self-love and awaken mistrust in ourselves and others, unleashing jealousy, the fear that our partner leaves us for Someone or the fear of ending a relationship for believing that we will not find anyone else. In this article, we show you how to stop being insecure in a relationship.

How to stop being insecure?

The first thing you must do to stop being insecure in a relationship is to review yourself. Determine which are the situations that arouse your insecurity. Analyze what is the real reason for your behavior and how you react to those situations and once you have the answers, consider the next time that situation happens, act differently, taking care of what you say and isolating negative thoughts from your head.

How to stop being insecure

Rationalize your insecurity

If you are distrustful because in the past a couple deceived you or left you for another, think that that person did not look for what you are, and that does not mean that you are a small thing. It is very likely that the person you are currently with will value you for what you are and your insecurity will not let you appreciate it.

Being grateful

It can help you stop being insecure in a relationship. When we know what we have, what we have and value that we have achieved it, it is because we know that we are special because we have it. Thank your relationship and recognize that jealousy is attacking what you like to have so much.

Pass page

If you do not, let go of every previous discussion because of jealousy or some behavior that seemed wrong to your partner, both will be immersed in infinite unhappiness. Avoid this happening by proposing to close a discussion and never talk about it again.

Learn to forgive

Learn to forgive

It is likely that your partner is happy with you and you are thinking the opposite because of a previous deception or a bad experience with a person from the past. The best thing in these cases is to forgive the damage caused, assimilate that time has passed and that it is too late to walk with grudges. Leave that negative feeling aside and open the doors to positive feelings.

Talk to your partner

Tell her how you feel, ask her to help you improve and trust her. All problems of a couple must be solved as a couple. The most important thing is that you believe in here, that you give her the opportunity to show you that your insecurities may be turning you into the wrong person.

To stop being insecure in a relationship you must also identify your feelings and recognize what it is that makes you jealous, why you fear that they leave you, why you think there is someone better than you. If you consider that the problem is physical you can work on improving it by taking more care of your health, if it is purely emotional it tries to fix you and highlight more positive things that define you.

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