How to build your creativity muscle

You may think creativity is inherent, that some people are simply more creative than others. But like any skill, creativity can be honed. Yes, there may be some people to whom being creative just comes a little more naturally, but with a bit of work and effort, anyone can improve their creativity. Here are three simple ways to boost your creativity muscle.

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Move your body

Exercise releases endorphins or happy chemicals. When you have more of these happy chemicals buzzing around your body, your brain is more relaxed, and the pathways are open to doing something more creative.

Even the simple act of walking has a huge impact on creativity, a study by researchers at Stanford University has shown  Little wonder then that some of the world’s brightest minds including Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are big fans of walking meetings.

Clear your mind through meditation

Meditation allows you to clear your mind, paving a pathway through the jumbled mass of thoughts that often occupy our brains. Clearing the mind allows you to have space to reflect, concentrate and create.

Experts recommend focusing on breathing to help bring stillness to your mind. Mindfulness techniques play a big part in this too. Focussing your mind on something such as a macrame kit, for example, can help you to quieten your brain and make you more creative. A macrame kit is a great way to do this as focusing on the feel of the cord between your fingers and concentrating on a pattern can foster useful mindfulness techniques.

Get outside

Spending time in the great outdoors can help to boost creativity. Engaging with nature can have many health benefits including reduction in anxiety and lowering of heart rate. It also helps to clear the mind, opening it up to becoming more creative.

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Even just tending to the plants in your garden every day or sitting on a park bench for 15 minutes can have a big impact. Being in nature encourages you to put down those screens which can often be little electronic thieves of creativity.

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