You are depressed or just sad?


Exaggerating with moans and claim to be depressed mood at the first drop pollutes the psyche, making fragile, exposed to real hardships, and own!

To recognize and diagnose a state of depression is important, otherwise you cannot cure, it gets worse, it becomes chronic. But it is important also its opposite: we must not think of it when you do not have it!

Today many people are “self-diagnosis” of depression, anxiety, panic … Based on information found on the Internet or heard by people who suffer from it, they are convinced to have “that problem.” Just look at the ways in which today often we express ourselves: we use “I’m depressed” to signal a transient sadness or melancholy; “I am panicking” for normal everyday difficult situations; “Is a delusion” in front of simple moments of stress or overload of commitments …

The psychiatric terms entered by force in language, and language in turn creates and enhances mood and self-perceptions.

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Do not get used to the complaint scheme

This is just a colorful way to express themselves, almost a fad? You do it to make themselves interesting? The complaint basically is a communication scheme that works: it creates attention, makes overcome the awkward silences when you meet an acquaintance. It can become a habit that you do not notice. But the result of not being able to feel “just” sad, to live a discouragement, to cross a crisis: we encode these states as depression, as something that is bad and should not happen. It is unable to feel agitated, worried or confused: now we speak of panic, of delirium, of “freak out”. Or you are normal, that functions without missing a beat, or you are sick, you are weird, you’re “out.” On the one hand, it is offered the culture of the superman and superwoman who must never ask, on the other hand, there is just a psychological or existential problem, is branded as a failure, perhaps using the drugs to go to “work.”

Avoid the “soup emotional”

You must regain possession of their feelings for not treating themselves as sick. Not because there is anything wrong in being so, of course, but because forced to do so you end up really falling in large inner states of confusion and worsen the quality of our lives and the lives of those who live with us.

The first thing to do is to remind us of something important: our emotions are an event quite natural. Fear, for example, is part of the human experience of course. Sometimes it becomes depression or anxiety, but only sometimes. In the majority of cases is a state of spontaneous and inevitable mood, and, at the same time, constitutes the necessary passage for an evolution or a solution.

We cannot deny that is an essential meaning to what, in fact, has a very specific function. The price, otherwise, is to get stuck in a very limited conception of self, when every feeling that deviates from a norm appears as a problem to cure.

Seize all the nuances present in you

Before you say “I’m depressed, are panicking”. We do not give in to complain and all continues. Rather let us reflect on what we feel. We observe the emotions and moods: sadness, loss of meaning, motivation, black humor, nervousness, fear, tension, anxiety, eagerness, impatience, fatigue, exhaustion, worry, rejection. There are many words to describe how we are: let’s use.

Do not let’s put all into the cauldron of the two or three psychiatric terms that we know. We try to recognize what word best suited to that point, and we let that moment alive, even if it is unpleasant. It is obvious that if, for example, the prostration lasts a month, you have to make a visit to a specialist, but most of our moods are not pathological, and, if allowed to live, do their job: to make us be in tune with reality.

Less confidence

Do not create or join the “club” of people who feel in tune because of states depressive complacency and the continuous talk to him amplifies the malaise.

More attention to yourself

Look more carefully your feelings. Evaluates whether they are suited to events and situations. Learn as not to act on negative emotions, even intense, but to observe and listen. They definitely hints to give you.

Find targeted aid

If your discomfort occurs frequently and for a longer period, amounting to at least three months, you still have to make a specialist examination by a psychologist to get outside opinion.

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