How to deal with a suicidal person? Follow these steps

Suicide is a complicated and delicate issue to address. And even more so when it comes to a relative or close person. That is why many cries for help go unnoticed. Below are some tips on how to deal with a suicidal person.

Steps on How to deal with a suicidal person


Listening is a key aspect in the prevention of suicide. Try to detect signs that indicate possible suicidal thoughts. It is important to listen to authentically and show a lot of patience. Findout the reason of sadness that ki

Let express. It allows the suicidal person to express their feelings, emotions, and thoughts without judging or trying to convince him at all costs that life is precious. There are times when an overly optimistic attitude can be frustrating for those who are having a hard time because they do not feel heard.

Ask about the reasons that led the person to contemplate suicide.

Validate the experience of the other, not minimize. It is also essential to offer words of support and samples of which one is concerned. The suicidal person needs to know that his existence matters to others.

Do not panic. A suicidal person is emotionally vulnerable and needs solid support.

don not panic

Take seriously. Suicidal thoughts must be taken seriously. Research has shown that the vast majority of people who commit suicide communicate their intentions directly or indirectly in the previous days.

Maintain respectful behavior. Do not enter into moralistic debates about whether it is okay or not to commit suicide, whether it is fair or not, etc.

Ask about what would happen if that person ended his life (family, friends, aspirations, etc.).
Shuffle the possibilities of solving the problem and if it has no solution, provide emotional support.

Ask what aspects of your life stop you from committing suicide and emphasize those positive aspects. It is important to get the person to verbalize reasons to live. Therefore, it is recommended to ask questions instead of supposing or affirming things.

talk openly

You are talking openly. Suicide is a dangerous subject that needs to be broken. It is common to have the belief that talking about suicide will encourage the move to the act, but it is a wrong idea. Ask the person directly, bluntly: “Do you feel so bad that you are thinking of suicide?” If he answers yes, he asks: “Have you thought about how you would do it?” If the answer is yes, ask: “Have you thought about when and where you would do it?”. You need to know exactly what is going on in the head of the suicidal person. The more elaborate and detailed the plan, the greater the risk. If the person has answered affirmatively to the three questions, immediately call an emergency center or hospital. There are also specialized services in crisis interventions and suicide prevention.

Do not leave the suicidal person alone. It is important to organize a plan so that the person is safe.

Help the person to make an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist. When a person presents suicidal ideas, they should be treated by professionals who are trained to perform an appropriate intervention. This is very important. Do not try to do it alone.

Under no circumstances should you keep a secret suicide confession. At the moment it is about someone’s life, we have to act.

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