Amazing useful tips to moisturize dry skin

moisturize dry skin

The dry and cracked skin is one of the problems that happen throughout the year in our skin, to combat this problem we want to teach you how to moisturize dry skin with natural products. Here we bring you homemade advice to moisturize extremely dry skin.

When the skin dries, it becomes rough, rough, flakes off and can become itchy or painful. These discomforts are very unpleasant so knowing how to moisturize dry skin will be very useful. Dry skin accelerates the aging process and the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

moisturize dry skin

How to moisturize dry skin?

It is very important to moisturize inside and out constantly. Dehydration can appear anywhere on the skin; it is usually more frequent in heels, pretty hands, elbows, knees. Know how to moisturize the dry skin of this area will avoid discomfort.

We must take into account a series of recommendations to help prevent the onset of this dryness. The bathrooms should not be very long, and with warm water, excess heat and baths remove part of the epidermal barrier that protects us from the outside. Also, we should not use very strong or aggressive gels. After the shower, we must completely dry the skin and then apply a cream or moisturizing lotion.

To take into account also the environmental changes, cold, air, excess heat. We must protect our skin from all these external agents.

In this tutorial, you will discover how easy it will be to prepare a remedy to moisturize dry skin. A fast absorbing home remedy that will give your skin a much-improved appearance.

We will need the following products for its elaboration:

  • Oily extract of calendula, 25 grams
  • Rowing Vaseline, 100 grams
  • Extract of hypericum, 25 grams
  • Container for creams

home remedy for dry skin

Make a home remedy for dry skin

Before starting the development of cosmetics, we must use clean and disinfected containers and supplies. We can do it with 96º alcohol or bring it to boil in water. In this way, we eliminate possible bacteria.

We are ready to start!

We weigh in a container suitable for the microwave vaseline. We take it to heat in one of the two ways we have named. Once hot and with a more liquid texture, we continue with the elaboration.

We add to the vaseline the extract of calendula, 25 grams and mix well. When mixing, we must do it vigorously to facilitate the mixing of products. Then we do the same with the hypericum extract, 25 grams too.

Once all well mixed and unified package, the cream and we will have ready the cream to moisturize dry skin.

Protect and care for dry skin

Protect and care for dry skin

Both in summer and in winter we will have to take extreme precautions to take care of the epidermis. In this case, we will apply creams and serums that benefit us, and we will get solar creams to be completely mandatory for all skin types, but much more for the day.

Massages and facials

Occasionally, facials must be performed to restore the lost splendor of the skin. In addition to relaxing, will provide all those vitamins that we need to be bright, smooth and young.

Prevent dryness

The humidity is usually good for dry skin. For this, it is necessary to protect it with humidifiers at home to keep the environment humid. Both air conditioning and heating dry up the skin much more, making it difficult for it to breathe.

Moisturize on the outside and inside

Apply moisturizers is a maxim to keep dry skin much better. But at the same time we need to moisturize ourselves inside, so we recommend drinking plenty of water, around 3 liters a day to gain health. The skin will thank us.

A correct feeding

The skin becomes more dry when we do not take care of ourselves inside. Eating properly based on fruits and vegetables is important because in addition to hydrating we also provide the antioxidants we need to make the skin look perfect.

Use a good makeup

Normally the makeup is usually harmful for those who have this problem. So it is convenient to use those products free of parabens and other ingredients that usually produce allergic reactions.

Consequences of having dry skin

If we do not apply the above tips, the skin suffers and we may have problems with itching, rash, skin blemishes, allergies, scales and color changes, among others. If we follow a daily routine we will feel better and the skin will breathe.

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