How to get nice skin on legs in one week

How to get nice skin on legs

Now summer is just around the corner; it’s time to banish our shorts and miniskirts from our closets. But to wear these clothes you need to wear legs, and certainly, after the winter months, they are not as good as you would like.  

Because perfect legs need this toned, hydrated, tanned and without a trace of cellulite. To achieve this, here we give you a series of tips with which you will put your legs to the point this summer.

How to get nice skin on legs?

We all dream of having perfect and soft legs, but dreams are only fulfilled if we play our part. To be amazing the end of summer and become the center of attention of the Mar Menor, you have to follow these tips on how to get nice skin on legs.

Hydrate your legs to make them look more

Hydrate your legs

You know that in summer hydration is essential to have healthy and shiny skin. At this time the legs also require the most appropriate care, so we recommend using moisturizer daily to make them softer and more delicate.

Both outside and inside. After the cold of winter, it is normal for the legs to dry, so it is important to intensify the hydration routine in the summer season. Apply a moisturizing cream, if you have better sun protection, both in the morning and before bedtime.

Also, as has always been said, it is advisable to drink at least a liter and a half of water a day to keep well hydrated inside. In this way, you will eliminate the fluid retention that usually accumulates in the legs.

Take off annoying little hairs

Take off annoying little hairs

For many, the excess of hair prevents us from having perfect and soft legs. It is best to shave from time to time so that our legs shine more and, above all, so that the caresses are not so annoying.

Choosing the perfect method for hair removal will depend on the type and amount of hair you have. The blades and wax are the most domestic and usual options, but if you opt for laser always put in the hands of professionals and remember that the skin should not have a recent tan and should not be exposed to the sun for up to four days after the treatment.

Practice sport regularly

Practice sport regularly

To achieve something, you have to make an effort, and when it comes to having beautiful legs, you need an exercise routine that tones and strengthens you. Practice running, take the bike or do squats daily; immediately you will notice that they are more robust and attractive.

Beware of footwear!

Beware of footwear

Choosing the most appropriate footwear is essential to show perfect and soft legs. Choose one that is your size and is more comfortable to wear. Be careful if you choose them only for aesthetics because they can cause serious problems in the feet and will be less beautiful. The Colored Clap, you will find the best treatments for your feet.

Give your legs freedom

Give your legs freedom

It is very important that you favor the circulation of blood in your legs, so it is best to avoid the use of pants that squeeze a lot. We are in summer! Fill your looks with skirts and shorts, do not hide those beautiful legs.



To look perfect legs this summer, one of the first things you should consider is exfoliation. Renew the skin of the legs by applying an exfoliating scrub with moist skin with upward movements from the ankle. Then rinse it with cold water to promote circulation.



The first few days of heat may give you a little trouble going out on the street with legs so white. In that case, you can always resort to wipes or self-tanning creams, but without going over, to get a slight touch of color until the sun does the same.



Combine a healthy diet with exercise to improve the condition of your legs. If you do not have time to go to the gym, you can do some exercises at home, such as squats or heel lifts. If, on the other hand, you spend many hours sitting in the office, try to keep your feet somewhat raised and get up from time to time to favor the circulation of blood.

In addition to moisturizing products, in the market, you will find anti-cellulite treatments or fat-reducing creams that will help you look perfect legs.

Choose comfortable footwear and wide pants or skirts, since tight clothing hinders the circulation of the body and promotes fluid retention.

The heat is one of the great enemies of our skin. At the end of the shower, cold water goes through the legs for a few minutes. You will notice lighter. Also, cold water helps tone muscles, and you will feel the skin smoother.

Are you going to do sport to have perfect and soft legs? Do not forget to stop by our shoe stores to get the best shoes for your legs. We will wait for you!

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