Performance anxiety: Here are 3 simple and effective remedies

performance anxiety remedies
If you suffer from anxiety every day, and for every little thing, the most serious advice I can give you is to refer you to a therapist, but if your anxiety manifests only in some important occasions for you, like a job interview, a meeting Galante, an exam or a questioning, etc … then I suggest you read this article about performance anxiety remedies. All are simple and you don’t have to waste money. 

Performance anxiety remedies

performance anxiety remedies

This state of mind manifests itself only when our concern becomes disproportionate and results in fear of making a mistake irretrievablyThe secret then for containing the concern below the anxiety level is to realize that nothing is irremediable. Coincidentally the three techniques that I am about to advise you all act on this point
let’s see them then:

Find a solution

Find a solution

Note, I did not say think about the worst case scenario, because this would increase your anxiety, what I said is: find a solution to the worst case scenario.

See when you have found an escape that allows you to fall on your feet even if the worst case scenario occurs. Then you can not stop anyone; all that can happen is downhill.

Read the stories of the failure person

stories of the failure person

The fact is this; success stories are the clearest proof that mistakes and problems are not irreparable. Indeed they have often been the origin of new ideas or strong motivational shots. It has accelerated the realization of that person.

Remember all the times you were afraid for nothing
afraid for nothing
Remember, all those times when you already happened to have a huge worry about a situation. It turned out to be easy and thinks that maybe, what you’re worried about anxiously, it could be one of those times.
Feeling anxious every time you put yourself to the test is a big problem. To improve and be successful you need to face new challenges, and you can not live them all with your stomach frying. Because even if you finally manage to complete your task, you will have experienced the path to get there very badly and sooner or later. If it has not already happened to you, you will stop wanting to challenge yourself beyond your limits.


Understanding the importance of intervening to eliminate performance anxiety. We now understand that this occurs when we fear that we are not up to the situation. It is when we do not feel confident in mastering the situation with possible unexpected events.
In particular, you will have noticed that anxiety emerges in front of situations of which we are not experts. In eventualities that are stressful to us. In conditions that are linked to the weight of responsibility and the fear of making a bad impression with someone.
Given now that it is not possible to prepare well to face an event without worrying about it (dealing with it first). We can instead say that it is possible to worry without being anxious


Keep in mind that the management of performance anxiety is just a matter of training and mental coaching can be of great support in thisSee you soon and have a good workout !!!

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