How to do spa at home? Spa tips for girls

How to do spa at home

Hello girls! Today I bring you an entry somewhat shorter than usual but I hope, just as interesting. Nowadays, the economy is unfortunately not to throw rockets. So, all those great suggestions of relaxation that make us in well-known magazines of fashion and beauty, are not very viable for most of us. That is why I have thought about share with all of you what I do to have a homemade spa session, relaxing but much more economical. In this article, I’ll advise how to do spa at home.

How to do spa at home?

How to do spa at home

There are days when you get home super tired and the only thing you want is to relax a bit, for those days I have a very simple plan but also with great results, something that we can all do easily and for what we will surely have all the necessary material. Keep reading: Building A Sauna In The House


Relax in spa

The most necessary thing is to know that you have the bathroom for you alone for about 1 hour. I am married so what I do to make sure this time for me, is to take advantage of a day when I have a football match, so my husband is entertained and does not bother me at all.

Once you have secured that time for yourself, look for the material you need and leave it by hand.-Necessary material: towels, body scrub, facial and hair, shampoo, hair and facial mask, facial tonic, aromatic bath gel, facial and body moisturizer, if you have a bathtub you can choose to add some bath salts, nail file, foot scrub or pumice stone, hair clipper (in case you use this method), hair removal forceps, hair dryer and combs. Once you have it on hand, you lock yourself in the bathroom and start the session.

Take shower and massage

Take shower and massage

The second step is to get into the shower and apply the hair scrub (Mercadona is great, it leaves you with a feeling of freshness and lightness incredible). Give a gentle massage with the fingers (never include the nails to avoid damaging the scalp), let it act a few minutes and rinse well. Then you wash your hair with the shampoo you use regularly.

Apply hair mask

The last step is to apply the hair mask (I use the Hair x line, repair by Oriflamebecause I love how he leaves his hair). For the mask to penetrate better in the hair I advise you to wrap the hair with a plastic cap or with a little wrap film. The plastic will concentrate more heat in our head and help the mask to be more efficient.

Apply hair mask

We will leave the mask on while we do the rest of the treatments. The third step is to exfoliate the body well with a gentle exfoliant or a horsehair glove. Gently spread the product over wet skin and massage with circular movements throughout the body. Once we have extended it well, we rinse well and shower with a relaxing gel.

The fourth step is to exfoliate the feet, here are two options: the first is to apply a specific scrub for feet while you are in the shower, and the second is to use a file for hardness, once you have left the shower as our skin will be more tender and you can remove the hardness better. This I leave to your choice.

Once we have finished all the steps, we leave the shower or bath, wrapped in a large towel and continue with the treatments. If you want you can continue with the hair mask put on while you continue with your beauty session.

Dry well

The next step is to dry well and apply body moisturizer with a gentle massage. You can use a normal moisturizer, a firming, or use to apply your anti-cellulite treatment. Once the body hydration is finished, we put on our underwear (if it is cotton much better) and continue with the face. The first step is to remove makeup (if we have not done it before showering), clean the remains with a facial gel suitable for our skin, and exfoliate our skin.

exfoliating in spa

After exfoliating, we can take advantage to give a review of our eyebrows or the upper lip area (if necessary). The next thing is to apply a facial mask, either moisturizing, firming, purifying, relaxing, etc, which you consider necessary for your skin at that time. You leave the time indicated in the product and while you continue with the other treatments.

With the body ready and the masks capillary and facial, put, we take advantage of to exfoliate our feet (if we have not done it in the shower), cut the nails and apply anti-hardness moisturizer. If you want you can take the opportunity to paint your toenails, that’s what you decide.

Once we have our feet ready, we’re going to get our hands. We fix the peels, file the nails and hydrate (this step we can do in the end if we have to remove even the masks.-Once finished, we remove the facial mask and the capillary. Wrap the hair with a towel and while draining the excess humidity, we apply the facial tonic and the moisturizer. Now we can moisturize the hands, and paint the nails if we want.


Remove the excess water from our hair by gently pressing with the towel and proceed to apply the serum, protector, foam, or whatever you use to keep your hair beautiful, and dry. Now we are ready, smoothed and hydrated. In addition, we will notice a very pleasant feeling of lightness that will make us feel more relaxed. The idea is to do this session at night before dinner to better notice the results. As a culmination, a light dinner and an entertaining movie. I’m sure that tonight you’ll sleep like a baby. You may also like:

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