How to Look Prettier? Follow These Tricks and Remedies

How to look prettier

We have days when we get up and look ideal, but there are also other blacker days when we can’t help but notice all our flaws even nonexistent ones! Obviously, it is a sensation influenced by many factors (mood, tiredness, the looks we wear, hairstyle, etc.). That’s why we want to offer you solutions.

If you don’t know how to look prettier but need easy, actionable tips to bring out your most attractive side. We teach you how to take advantage of it and explain how to look prettier in a few simple steps!

How to look prettier?

In personal care everything influences, from the way we comb and dress to how we eat and the exercise we do. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you look better in both the short and long term. Take note!

This section is not only essential, but it is perhaps the most important of all. We must take care of ourselves, pamper ourselves, and make the most of it, but that will only be possible if we rest well and we do it not only taking into account the hours of sleep but also moving away from external factors that cause insomnia and stress.

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A bad rest not only negatively influences our concentration, our performance and our mood, but it can damage our skin and make us look less attractive. To avoid dark circles, spots, redness and prevent hair loss, a good rest is essential. We help you:

  • Sleep between 6 and 8 hours a day: if you are not used to these times, set yourself a new rest program and try to stick to it (bet on going to bed earlier and getting up a little earlier to start the day with a few minutes of yoga or meditation ).
  • Chamomile before bed: sometimes, our day to day is so tired that it carries an emotional charge that results in stress or anxiety. These symptoms usually appear when we relax, that is, when we get into bed and try to sleep; Then worries, work and insecurities appear and make us sleepless. To remedy this, we recommend an infusion with relaxing properties before going to sleep; Take a look at this article on The best infusions to sleep .
  • Say goodbye to the mobile phone: many studies link the difficulty of falling asleep to the use of electronic devices just before sleeping. So, an hour or two before you go to bed, put your mobile, tablet or computer aside, grab a book or play music, relax and rest.
  • Practice yoga or meditate: if you find it difficult to fall asleep, the best thing to do is end your day with a relaxing and introspective activity. Yoga is an incredibly beneficial practise for health, however, you can also bet on meditating for a few minutes before turning off the light.

How to look prettier with the right clothes

Clothing can change the way we see ourselves radically, because it is a letter of introduction, a statement of intent that impacts even before we can say the first word.

If you are wondering how to look prettier with the help of clothing, follow our tips:

  • Bet on the basics: blue, white and black jeans, colored jerseys (without drawings or letters), basic shirts and shirts and a long brown, black or gray jacket. They are the basics that should never be missing in your wardrobe, as they allow you combinations that are as safe as they are attractive and modern. Add some riskier accessory to your basic look and you will look amazing.
  • How to wear sweaters: to stylize and mark your figure more, bet on wearing wide sweaters inside your pants. Combine them with high pants and a long coat to look like a real model.
    Combine clothes appropriately : for this step it is important not only to learn which colors combine best, but also which garments to hunt best with others; Bet on wide sweaters and short skirts, high pants and long-sleeved shirts, dresses and jumpsuits so you don’t risk it, etc. Discover the best 22 dresses that stylize the figure and dare with the most beautiful designs.
  • Dress according to your measurements: it is important that you adjust to your size so as not to be uncomfortable and to better stylize your body. Whether you are very tall or short, thin or chubby, it is important that you learn what type of clothing feels best according to the shape of your body. For example, for the shorter ones, the best will be knee-length or short dresses, fitted, as well as short skirts with A silhouette or straight.

If you want to enhance your curves wear narrow and straight skirts, high-waisted pants with t-shirts inside, short jackets and fitted dresses at the waist. If, on the other hand, you want to hide your figure, opt for dark or neutral tones and clothing of your size. Do not resort to something very tight or excessively loose and run away from clothes with frills and fringes. The V-shaped neckline will be the best option, combined with straight pants.

How to style your hair simply to look prettier

The hairstyle frames our face and can favor our features more or less depending on the decisions we make. Here are some tips on how to look prettier through hairstyle:

  • Nourish and hydrate your hair: of course, the first step will always be to have your hair well hydrated. Not only because you can wear more beautiful mane, but because with well-groomed hair you can try many more hairstyles. The following coconut oil hair masks will help you find the best recipe for your mane.
  • Hairstyles for round faces: use the middle parting or a fringe bangs. Short hair, without volume and clearing the temples will be a success, so do not hesitate to wear this style. As a hairstyle, we recommend a tied bun or a ponytail with the stripe in the middle, very flat and with the volume on the back (you can card the ponytail or curl it).
  • Hairstyles for oval faces: the side parting or short hair with bangs will be your best options; Play with your hair and bet on a paraded half of hair that falls on the temples and jaw (to lengthen the face). Velvet waves will be beautiful for this type of face, however, another hairstyle option for an oval face is the hair back, collected in a low bun or ponytail.
  • Hairstyles for long faces: the half-mane is the safe bet, just for the height of the shoulders. It can be combined with a fringe or a stripe in the middle or on the side, as you prefer. If you have long hair, be sure to wear it very carefully and bet on picking it up in high ponytails from time to time.

How to get radiant skin

Healthy, smooth and radiant skin will help you look more beautiful and will make you enjoy more health. To achieve this goal, the most important thing is that your face has the necessary hydration, so we recommend you learn how to make hydrating face masks.

Does day to day make tiredness accentuate your face? In this case, we help you with a homemade mask to remove dark circles. You will need to:

  • 1 tomato (full of antioxidant properties perfect for the skin)
  • 1 lemon (the quintessential whitening food)
  • 1 blender or mixer

Once you have the ingredients, follow these instructions:

  1. Squeeze the lemon and put the juice together with the tomato (peeled) in the blender.
  2. When everything is mixed and liquid, turn it into a bowl.
  3. Apply the mixture around the eyes for 5 minutes.
  4. After this time, you can remove the ingredients with cold water.

How to look prettier without makeup

Do you know that you do not need large amounts of makeup to look pretty? In fact, our natural beauty can be promoted in a thousand ways, so if you want to look prettier without makeup, consider these tips:

  • Remove make-up from your face before going to sleep: this way you will prevent your skin from absorbing makeup, becoming irritated and darkening.
  • Find the right products for your skin: whether you have oily or dry skin or if your main problem is acne, use only quality products that help to remedy these disorders. Get a good moisturizer and make sure that your face does not miss the daily dose.
  • Exfoliate Your Lips – Lips are one of the sexiest parts of the body, so be sure to exfoliate and hydrate them well to make them look plump and plump.
  • Lengthen your lashes: for a more intense, sensual and attractive look, learn How to lengthen lashes naturally.
  • Eat healthily: a bad diet can affect the health of your skin, so make sure you maintain a balanced diet and drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

How to look prettier with makeup

While it is true that looking natural can be the best option for you, there is no doubt that makeup will always help us look more handsome and beautiful. If you want to quickly become prettier, follow these tips:

  • Foundation and Contouring: Using a makeup sponge, apply a base of your skin tone evenly across the face. It is important that this color is equal to the tone of your skin, because it would look unnatural. If you want to highlight the most attractive areas of your face and hide imperfections, contouring can be your best ally.
  • Eyes and eyebrows use black eyeliner on the upper eyelid to give depth to the look and fill in your eyebrows if they are depopulated. Once again, it will be essential that you do with a tone equal (or slightly softer) than that of your hair. Finally, apply a little mascara to your lashes to give them volume.
  • Cheeks: Blush is a must if you want to give your cheeks a little blush.

Diet and exercise to look prettier

As we have already said, feeling comfortable with your body is essential to make you look prettier.

  • Eat fruit, vegetables and foods rich in protein: fruits and vegetables will not only allow you to cleanse your body, but will fill you up and motivate you to prepare the most varied and healthy dishes. In addition, we recommend eating lean meats, legumes and white fish so that you include dishes with less fat and more protein on your menu. It is also a good time to remind yourself that hydration is essential and that you should drink at least 2 litres of water daily.
  • Infusions for fluid retention: If you want to get rid of bloating and general heaviness, prepare some Infusions for fluid retention and drink them during your meals.
  • Get rid of bad habits: sedentary lifestyle, tobacco and habitual alcohol consumption will not only harm the health of your organs but will also harm the appearance of your skin, face and hands.

Combine a balanced diet with exercise, because this way you will be able to get in shape, boost your muscles and gain resistance. Although it is true that a correct diet constitutes 70% when it comes to getting in shape, exercise is the remaining 20% ​​that can end up making all the difference.

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