How to have pretty hands and nice nails (Gents and Ladies)

How to have pretty hands and nice nails

Having beautiful hands is not always easy. There is no choice but to have to perform a series of jobs that damage them or accelerate the aging of the skin, especially if they do not take good care of themselves daily. However, it is not an impossible goal because, fortunately, today, many treatments and remedies allow them to look perfect and with a firm skin and free of spots or other signs of aging.

If you consider that you have ugly hands and want to know how to have perfect hands. Here, we will explain a series of treatments and tricks focused on how to have beautiful hands. Also, the advantage is that you can get it without much effort. Of course, we already anticipate that you will need to be constant, although you will not need many minutes a day to introduce these guidelines into your daily routine.

How to have pretty hands and nice nails

How to have pretty hands?

To have beautiful hands, it is essential that they do not look aged. And, to achieve this, there are several alternatives that you can do in specialized aesthetic centers or apply them and follow them at home comfortably in your day to day. What can be done? Well, all this:

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid

It is the natural component that is being used to slow down the passage of time in the skin. And the hands are no exception. Many aesthetic centers are applying it through injections or with the mesotherapy technique, either alone or in combination with other components such as vitamins, coenzymes or amino acids. With this system, it is possible to do good rehydration and increase the thickness of the tissue of the hands.



If you have ugly hands, collagen may be another solution you have available. It is also to introduce it with infiltrations to remove that aspect of languor of the hands and to mark the bones less. That way you can have prettier hands.


If you have spots on your hands, you’re probably wondering how to have perfect hands and what you can do to get it. In these cases, the most used solution is hydroquinone, which is used in many cosmetics that you can also apply at home since it is one of the main components of anti-stain creams. However, they are also effective creams containing acids such as glycolic, azelaic or phytic, which have the depigmenting effect.

Homemade mask for battered hands

mask for battered hands

As we have commented previously, the realization of certain works or direct contact with some cleaning products can contribute to having unattractive hands. However, for these cases, there are also effective remedies, such as a homemade mask for battered hands.


  • Bee Wax
  • Mango butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Carrot essence

They are all components with which it helps to regenerate the skin and to hydrate it. But how to have perfect hands with this mask? You have to follow the steps to prepare and use it.

How to apply?

Put about 60 grams of beeswax in a saucepan so that it melts in the water bath. Once melted, add 24 grams of mango butter and mix well. Next, put 120 grams of coconut oil and ten drops of carrot essence. Stir well again so that a homogeneous mixture remains.

Put the solution in a glass jar with lid, but wait to cover it until it cools well and has a texture like a boxed hand cream you buy in stores. Then it only remains to apply it every night before going to sleep so that the skin benefits from all its properties.

To have beautiful hands, another of the basic care is exfoliation. Many times it is only done on the face, and it is a mistake because all skin needs to remove the dead cells. In any beauty and cosmetics store, you have specific exfoliants for your hands, which are very easy to apply because they are usually used all the same.

Anyway, if you prefer natural remedies, you can make your scrub with a little olive oil and sugar . You have to do the following:

  • Mix the two ingredients well.
  • Then apply them on the hands with a massage so that the sugar grains will drag the dead cells, while the olive oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  • Let him act for ten minutes (they start counting after having finished the massage).
  • Then, rinse your hands with water and say goodbye to ugly hands.

How to have nice nails (short or long)

How to have nice nails

When talking about how to have young and perfect hands, you cannot ignore the importance of nails. And they are fundamental. In addition to doing the manicure (even if you do not use nail polish), it is essential to follow a series of tips so that they are in perfect condition. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to stop saying that you have ugly hands. For this, for example, it is important that:

Use gloves: It is important that you wear gloves whenever you have to do any household chores, as well as using detergents or cleaning products, especially those that are more aggressive such as bleach.

No hot water: Do not use hot water as much as possible. Because it dries the skin and favors the sagging apart from reducing the natural oils that are present in the dermis.

Use hand cream: Apply hand cream without forgetting the nails, as well as their contours and cuticles, through a gentle massage.

With these tips and treatments on how to have pretty hands and nice nails, you will see how it is easier to stop wearing some ugly hands. Do not forget to always consult with experts any treatment, apart from talking with them about the best remedies to have perfect hands.

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