How to Combat Job Anxiety? Step by Step Guideline

How to combat job anxiety

The meetings, the monthly goals we must achieve, the desire for a better salary, the character of the boss, the daily workload, the rise that does not come, being responsible, enduring competition, leaving personal problems at home and maintaining a correct attitude. Does it sound familiar to you? These are the main triggers of work anxiety, that feeling of anguish, pressure and stress that takes over our physique and our mind and sometimes prevents us from even thinking and acting.

In general, job anxiety can trigger a depression that is often confused with the discontent of working under a lot of stress or precarious conditions. To prevent this condition from causing emotional and health chaos, it is best to learn to control it. If you want to know how to combat work anxiety, read these tips.

How to combat job anxiety?

Anxiety is a response of the organism that reacts to an alert call sent by our brain. When this alarm is triggered often and without cause of apparent danger it is summarized that the person is suffering from anxiety. Now, work anxiety is that same defense mechanism of the organism, but that responds to the fear or stress of a work situation that generally we cannot solve.

How to combat job anxiety

Step 1

To combat job anxiety, it is necessary to be aware that it is work or situations around it that triggers this inexplicable discomfort that many times people do not know how to define. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze if that feeling of suffocation, fear, stomach nerves or palpitations appear whenever there is a problem or labor conflict.

To know if you suffer from work anxiety you must know what the symptoms of anxiety are. In general, the most common symptoms are worry, exhaustion, palpitations, desire to flee, feelings of fear or danger, negative thoughts, dizziness, tremors, difficulty breathing, drowning, difficulty concentrating, tiredness and constant alertness, among others.

Step 2

Many times the stress is so strong that when we have a problem we are unable to find a solution or even analyze whether it is in our hands to resolve the unforeseen. To combat work anxiety it is necessary that awareness prevail, allowing when a problem arises we ask ourselves if we can do something to solve it or if it is in our hands to change course. If the answer is yes, combat job anxiety by doing what you have to do, but at your own pace. If the answer is no, immediately cancel that worry in your brain: there is nothing to do.

Step 3

To combat job anxiety you must organize your time. Many times we feel that we have so much work that it is better to take our bed to the office. Well no, organize your tasks by priorities and take out the most important ones first. If you feel that your workload is excessive and you have done and modified what is within your reach, then don’t be afraid to talk to your boss and ask him for more time to finish your duties.

You may also consider delegating, asking an employee for help, or telling your boss that you need the help of an assistant. Do not feel insecure about asking for help, if you feel you need it, it is the most sensible thing you can do to combat job anxiety.

Step 4

When you feel the symptoms are about to appear, attack them. How? There are many ways in which we can control work anxiety before it reaches its peak. The best thing you can do is go outside for a few minutes and walk, breathe fresh air, walk and activate the circulation of your body, analyze people or simply watch the cars go by, they will help you clear your mind, avoid negative thoughts and symptoms disappear.

Step 5

If you want to combat job anxiety, you should not close yourself. You need to let off steam and express how you feel, what are your concerns and what are your fears. Talking with your partner or a trusted friend is one of the best ways to find clarity of mind and be able to see things as they are and not as our mind paints them seriously.

It may seem impossible to take more time out of your days, but if you want to combat job anxiety, it is necessary. Not everything can be work. Before or after going to the office, it is recommended that you exercise, because exercise helps to produce well-being hormones for mental health, which will allow you to drain stress, relax, dissipate problems and find peace of mind. Cheer up, half an hour will be enough.

Step 6

On weekends you don’t work, you don’t even think about work. Life is one and cannot revolve around your job responsibilities. You must find a space for yourself and that is why there are Saturdays and Sundays. Get out of the house, take a walk outdoors, have fun, share with your partner, with family, with friends, go to the cinema, read outdoors: the options are endless and will allow your mind to disconnect from worries and prepare you to take on next week in a better way.

Combating job anxiety is possible if we learn to give things the importance they deserve. Ask yourself daily how important it is that you are concerned about putting your health at risk. If you feel that you cannot combat work anxiety or that the crises are so strong that you cannot control them, do not be afraid to ask for help from an expert, talking and dealing with problems is the first thing we must do to get out of them.

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