How to Deal With Anxiety Crisis Effectively

how to deal with anxiety crisis

The anxiety disorder is the association of feelings of fear, worry and stress in extreme situations cause the onset of an acute clinic that makes sense to oneself and to the environment serious health situation. Anxiety is more common in women than in men and its origin can be genetic or due to the appearance of a factor that causes stress / panic in the person. Here, we will present how to deal with anxiety crisis and that is why we offer you the following information.

How to deal with anxiety crisis?

anxiety crisis

The most striking symptom is rapid breathing, the person feels short of breath, manifests a feeling of suffocation and breathes very quickly only through the mouth. No need to worry, respiratory distress does not have any serious pathophysiological origin, in this situation the person should be reminded to breathe in through the nose and expire through the mouth in an increasingly slow way.

During the anxiety crisis the person can feel that the heart is going very fast and when putting the hand on his left chest the pulsations can be felt. The person with crisis may feel a slight tightness in the chest due to straining of the chest muscles during respiratory distress.

If you try to take the pulse manually, you will notice an increase in heart rate (tachycardia). During a stressful process where breathing is not normal, the heart increases its work due to respiratory decompensation. The heartbeat will return to normal when the crisis has subsided.

Energy expenditure during accelerated breathing and feelings of anxiety can produce sensations such as sweating, increased temperature (hot flashes), tremors, chills and dizziness.

In association and with less acute characteristics, the person may: feel that it is difficult to swallow food and liquids, present diarrhea and the imminent sensation of urinating next.

It will be important to stay calm to calm the anxiety attack, as well as it is recommended to know what is the treatment for the anxiety attack to know how to act if it occurs.

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