How does activated charcoal whiten the teeth?

activated charcoal whiten the teeth

Coping with the remains activated charcoal in the gums and between the teeth will allow a thorough rinse with water or a toothpick, which will have to pick out all the small black particles. Due to prolonged hygiene after the procedure, it is not recommended to do it in the morning before work. A convenient time for it will be the evening when you are in no hurry.

What to do if the teeth are already dark?

But what if the enamel has already acquired a yellowish shade? How can I whiten my teeth at home? It will be correct to ask this question to the dentist before starting the fight for the whiteness of a smile. Why is it important? Because it is preliminary to make sure that your teeth are healthy, there is no caries, and the enamel is in a satisfactory condition. If any violations are present, the situation can quickly deteriorate. And then you will definitely need the help of a dentist.

It is also important to prepare the teeth for future procedures of activated charcoal. To do this it is necessary to reduce the destructiveness of the consequences for enamel. Performing simple recommendations for teeth whitening with activated charcoal with preliminary preparation will avoid uncomfortable sensations from increasing sensitivity, development of caries precursors and the disease itself. Keep readingĀ

5 tips to reduce the risk of enamel damage

  • Grind the activated charcoal tablets to a uniform powder without large inclusions. This will reduce the aggressiveness of the abrasive.
  • The use of a toothbrush with a stiff bristle increases the risk of destruction of the enamel. Brush with soft bristles or fingertips, moist gauze swab, cotton swab.
  • Avoid frequent procedures. The maximum frequency of cleansing should be 7 times a day in normal enamel state and every 10 days if there is a problem of tooth sensitivity.
  • Groom your teeth in a strengthened mode. This means using charcoal toothpaste with a mineralized composition that will support the health of the enamel. Do not forget about proper nutrition. In your diet should always be foods high in calcium, protein, phosphorus.
  • If there are matte or white spots on the enamel, stop whitening and visit the dentist. They can testify that in some places the enamel is very thin and possibly the development of caries.

Another feature of teeth cleaning with activated charcoal is “black traces” on the surface of the enamel and gums. If you notice thin black stripes on the enamel itself, then it is already damaged and there are cracks in it, which will only increase when the abrasion continues.

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