What are the benefits and harms of hibiscus tea?

Among the huge selection of tea varieties, the market has taken a worthy place of hibiscus tea – a drink that has a bright ruby color and a pleasant refreshing taste. Tea hibiscus tea leaves need not, and dried petals of a very beautiful flower, called Sudanese rose or hibiscus.

Some articles have already talked about the healing and rejuvenating properties of this drink, even that resulting from the consumption of tea may slow the aging process in the body and get rid of the malignant tumors. True or not, and what the benefits and harms of hibiscus tea, try to understand and to do some research, comparing them with the facts.

hibiscus tea
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What are the benefits of the beverage?

Tracts of Arab doctors mention hibiscus, as an antipyretic, and sedative. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs drink used as an elixir of youth.

The scientists of our time found in the tea hibiscus citric acid, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Also, the structure includes ascorbic acid, which strengthens the immune system. Presence of bioflavonoids and vitamin C protected the body against invading infections. Bioflavonoids contained in large quantities in the Sudanese rose petals and with regular consumption of tea, help to strengthen the walls of capillaries and blood vessels, which in turn stabilizes the blood pressure readings.

Hibiscus tea will improve the functioning of the liver. It can be used as a diuretic. It is also used as an antispasmodic digestive tract.

There is a belief that the use of tea hibiscus hot may increase the pressure and in the use of cold, respectively – a decrease. Maybe someone and this influence was exerted, but scientific studies have shown that hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure, and hot and cold. Thus, it can be used as a prophylactic agent of hypertension.

Regular use of the tea hibiscus many dangerous heart disease, including heart attacks, strokes threaten the body will not.

Among the useful properties of tea were more marked: the strengthening of memory and improve metabolism, toxins, stress.

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Harmful properties of tea

If the tea is consumed huge portions, hoping to cure all diseases at once at a time, the benefits of this will be. Thus only can disrupt the acid-alkaline balance in the digestive tract and get a failure of the digestive process. Therefore, to hibiscus tea has not lost its healing power, a day will be enough to drink 2-3 cups.

Yet there are some contraindications. In gastric ulcer and gastritis, allergies and pregnancy tea to take undesirable.

Due to the fact that in the tea contain acids, they can adversely affect the tooth enamel. To avoid this, after drinking the tea, you need to rinse your mouth.

Is it possible to lose weight with the help of hibiscus?

By drinking tea hibiscus sugar and sweets is possible only by a little bit to reduce its size. For best results, you need to properly balance your diet to include more vegetables and fruits, and drink tea after about 0.5 hours after ingestion.

Proper Tea

There are several ways of making tea hibiscus. I want to focus on the two most common.

To prepare tasty and healthy beverage, it is desirable that the selected pitch are large, have a saturated color.

Recipe 1

Dried petals – 15 Pieces pour boiling water – 0.5 l insist on hot surfaces 10-15 min. It should be noted that the teapot should be porcelain or clay. Optionally, add honey, cinnamon, ginger.

Recipe 2

Dried petals pour water at room temperature, leave 1 hr. With this method of brewing is no destruction of vitamins and many other nutrients. This drink quenches thirst and refreshes.

The mineral and medicinal properties of tea is no doubt. From time to time, you can pamper your body with this herbal drink as a prophylactic and tonic.

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