The causes of angioedema


If angioedema occurs an instant allergic reaction of the organism. In this case, there is a pronounced swelling of the face, neck, hands and feet, and mucous membranes. Less often happens swelling of internal organs and joints. Allergic edema can provoke food, medication, and other factors.

This trouble can happen to anyone, especially if there is a predisposition to allergic diseases, but more often can appear in women and children. To protect themselves from this disease need to find out the causes of angioedema. So look at everything in order.

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Always starts swelling quickly – quickly. Besides the fact that swelling of exposed mucosal and soft tissues (mucous membrane of the oral cavity, eyelids, lips, scrotum), possibly also the appearance of dry cough, it becomes difficult to breathe, hripnet voice, there is an acute respiratory failure, which can result in lethal because of dyspnea, nausea and loss of consciousness.

With the defeat of the internal organs, there is pain in the abdomen, vomiting and diarrhea.

Generally, swelling takes place after a time – from 2-4 hours to 2 days.

First Aid

Given the immediate development of edema, it is necessary to call an ambulance. Until the ambulance arrives, you can make a cold compress on the swollen place to quickly bring the allergen from the body can take activated charcoal, as well as any antihistamine.

In that case, if not the first doctor to help you soon, possibly anaphylactic shock and result in possible death will be provided.

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The causes of angioedema

By itself, the swelling does not appear, to its development may predispose some diseases. For example, the lack of thyroid hormone, digestive diseases, grew into a chronic form, in violation of action of the immune system and the body’s infection with worms, frequent stressful situations, diseases of the blood and surgical procedures.

Swelling may occur as a result of exposure to the allergen. To show an allergic reaction, the body has to be sensitive to certain products, it is a meeting with an allergen and has been for some products already occurred development of antibodies. When an allergen enters the body a second time, the contact position becomes inflamed, dilate blood vessels, due to the increased permeability occurs edema.

At the use of food – seafood, eggs, oranges, lemons, chocolate, nuts, and even apples have repeatedly observed symptoms of angioedema.

The use of certain medications (usually antibiotics, analgesics, contraceptives) may cause allergic reactions up to anaphylactic shock.

The occurrence of edema possible from biting insects by pollen in contact with pet dander, from the use of cosmetics and household products, from overheating or overcooling, resulting in a strong injury.

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Preventive action

Firstly, you need to test, and find out what factors influence the occurrence of allergic reactions, it is in your body.

Secondly, the need to eliminate from your diet foods that cause allergies.

Thirdly, it is necessary to follow a policy antihistamine therapy in spring and autumn.

Fourthly, it is necessary to be surveyed regularly by specialists and in time get rid of the disease before they are converted into a chronic form.

If you ever have happened angioedema, you should always carry with you a list of their allergens, antihistamines and epinephrine in ampoules and prednisolone.

It is necessary to carry out some hygiene measures in the home. Must perform daily wet cleaning, feather and down pillows should be replaced by more appropriate. Unfortunately domestic furry pet in the house cannot keep.

If you have to hike to the dentist, you should take androgens for 6 days in advance.

Status angioedema bears a strong threat to life, so you need to take responsibility for warning measures.

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