What food is best to eat with empty stomach in morning?

empty stomach foods

Milk, honey, dried fruit, and watermelon: these are some of the foods you can consume on an empty stomach without guilt, on the contrary. They will help you maintain your weight without too much effort. Let’s discuss empty stomach foods.

There are foods that more than others it is good to consume on an empty stomach, both because they can help you to curb the sense of hunger that can manifest between a meal and another or the night before sleep, both because – in the case of breakfast – after night fasting you can start the day with the right energy charge, without weighing on the diet or your weight loss goal.

Empty stomach foods

empty stomach foods

Let’s see what foods you can eat, more than others, on an empty stomach and to heal yourself in a healthy way and quench any hunger pangs.


empty stomach foods

Milk satisfies us with taste. If you happen to be hungry before going to sleep, when dinner has already been digested, you can give yourself a glass of milk. The languor will subside and the fats and proteins of the milk will fill the stomach while remaining light.


empty stomach foods

Honey is a very important food because it is able to enhance brain activity and increase the levels of serotonin, the hormone that regulates happiness and well-being. You can use it to sweeten your herbal tea or break a good night.

Flakes of oats

empty stomach foods

Perfect to be eaten for breakfast in hot milk, oat flakes have properties that naturally favor the elimination of toxins, the normalization of the intestinal microflora and, at the same time, give a sense of satiety that lasts a long time.


empty stomach foods

Rich in protein, the eggs sate and fill even though they have few calories (about 60 per egg). Excellent then to be consumed for breakfast or even for a snack. You will not get too hungry for dinner. Obviously, it is good not to overdo and limit yourself to a maximum of 4 eggs a week.

Dry fruits

empty stomach foods

Rich in mineral salts and good fats, dried fruit is able to improve digestion and helps to normalize the pH of the stomach.


empty stomach foods

Watermelon is composed of about 99% of water and is refreshing and refreshing, especially as a snack on hot summer days. It will satisfy you and hydrate at the same time without affecting the scale as it has very few calories.

Whole grain bread

empty stomach foods

As important as other foods in a balanced and healthy diet, carbohydrates are essential to satisfy you and give you a good energy boost, especially in the morning. Yes, then to a breakfast of a couple of slices of bread preferably whole meal with a veil of jam, to start the day with the right sprint.

Remember that, don’t rely on the empty stomach foods only. Take proper meals every day for lunch, supper and dinner also.  You might also like: http://eatfitlove.com/2018/07/09/amazing-health-benefits-grapes/

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