What to eat after gym and exercise? Healthy tips

What to eat after gym

To take healthy habits the ideal combination is to play sports and follow a healthy and balanced diet. But have you stopped to think about how one factor influences another? What to eat after gym? What good is doing a good exercise session if you then binge? When we go to the gym or do a specific physical activity we try to achieve some goals, so we must pay attention to what to eat after the gym and exercise and what to eat daily.

Whether you practice sports professionally or not, it is important that you pay special attention to food and recovery. Keep reading: 5 morning workout tips for a good workout early in the morning

Do not you know if you eat properly after going to the gym or exercising? Starting from the basis that you follow a healthy diet, we are going to propose different healthy and rich post-workout foods.

What to eat after gym?

what to eat after gym

Each person is a world and has a different level of training, the following options are valid for all, you just have to increase or reduce the amount of food on the plate. Check this content on waist, how to make your waist look smaller.

After a strength training

Do you make machines in the gym? Have you joined the popular CrossFit practice? If, however, your training is based on strength, you should know that after a session there is a loss of muscle and liver glycogen, responsible for providing the main energy in this type of training, and also a destruction of muscle proteins. Do you know what to eat after the gym in this case? foods that provide carbohydrates (to recover lost glycogen) and proteins to end the destruction of these and allow the body to start with the synthesis.

After a long-term training

what to eat after long time gym

In a good spinning session or a long bike ride, for example, fats and glycogen have been our main source of energy. After this type of training, muscle destruction may be less than in strength exercises, but a good recovery of protein is also necessary for a good recovery. How do we translate it into food? On the one hand, it is interesting to consume foods rich in carbohydrates: fruits, juices, cereals, bread, honey, jam, cocoa … On the other hand, you should not forget the foods rich in proteins: dairy products such as yogurt, fresh cheese and cottage cheese, tuna or eggs.

These foods can be taken both in their original form and in shakes. In the case of long-term training, you will have to take more carbohydrates than after strength exercises. Take note of the following proposals to know exactly what to eat after the gym:

For strength training:

  • Milkshake and banana.
  • Tuna snack.

For resistance training of medium-high intensity:

  • Yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit and honey.
  • Scrambled egg sandwich and a fruit smoothie.

If the training is not very demanding and you have more than 24 hours to recover, it is not necessary to follow a very strict post-workout routine. With taking a piece of fruit and hydrating well surely you’ll have enough.

Hydration is fundamental

Hydration is fundamental

There is a lot of talk about the importance of diet when you exercise, but what about the drink? After a training session, it is necessary to recover water and electrolytes that are lost when sweating. Depending on the type of training, its duration and intensity, you may be able to drink enough water (low intensity and short duration exercises), but you may also need to drink some isotonic drink to recover mineral salts (long duration training and intensity High average).

If you were wondering what to eat after the gym and exercise, we hope to have answered your questions in this article. Keep in mind the type of sport you practice to follow one type of diet or another. The time, intensity and type of exercise determine what foods you should consume to recover correctly and continue to practice your favorite sport at maximum performance. Note down the suggestion what to eat after gym.  You might also read: http://magazinemi.com/a-cup-of-tea/

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