How to do eye yoga and get benefit from it

How to do eye yoga

One of the oldest yoga exercises and a kind of meditation is to fix a candle. Also known as the Eye Yoga! Traditionally used an oil lamp was fixed with the eyes, as a candle flickers more and more difficult it is to be fixed. So, only close the window.

Alternatively, is also a picture or object that you care a lot? This exercise tiredness increases concentration and helps the mind to let go, especially after a long Bildschirmtag. Read also: Yoga for feet and ankles

It also says that it can improve vision. I can (still) do not confirm. I probably would have it, simply do more often.

Here’s how to do eye yoga

Do eye yoga

* Place a candle on a stool or small table so you just may see in the upright seat without lifting the head or tend to have.

* Consider how long you want to see in the flame without squinting his eyelids. Start small at 10 seconds. You can still boost up. Practice but not more than 5 minutes.

* Sit in your preferred meditation posture (sitting cross-legged, lotus position), about one meter away from the candle. Relax your shoulders and make the long neck, so that your chin is parallel to the ground.

Lady performing eye yoga

* Place your hands, palms up, on your thigh and let your index finger and thumb touching gently.

* Breathe gently on and off and now trying the flame as long as you have it done to you to look without blinking. Concentrate and resist the desire to blink.

* Do not worry if you suddenly see all the tears begin to blur or your eyes, this is normal.

* When the time is up, gently close your eyes and feel for. Can you see the flame with your eyes closed for? Yes, once they disappear, the exercise will begin all over again. You can practice 3 rounds.

* If you have practiced enough, close your eyes and rub your palms vigorously and quickly up to today they have become quite warm. Place the palms close to your eyes closed but they do not touch.

Benefits of eye yoga

benefits of eye yoga

The benefits of practicing yoga can be extended to your eyes because through certain exercises it helps to rest your eyes, decongest the eyelids, prevent the atrophy of your muscles and correct functioning.

Eye yoga exercises also allow the face to recover joviality and freshness, making it a key to slow aging and the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines on the face, according to

Ellen Saltonstall, yoga instructor Anusara and certified teacher in Kinetic Knowledge, explains that after practicing some yoga exercises the eyes feel more relaxed, so it allows to have clearer perceptions and visual concentration develops.

According to the portal, the eyes can be dry, congested and tired because when working in front of the computer; For example, we do not change focal point or direction for a certain time, so we use the eyes in a restrictive way.

Preparation before eye yoga

Also, the inflammation of the eyelids and muscles of the eyes may be due to a partial retention of fluids, which can also be solved by practicing eye yoga, as the following exercise:

Fix the look for a few seconds at a point and avoid blinking, let the tears flow and then close your eyes, turning the eyeballs 20 times to one side, and 20 to the opposite side, 20 more up and down.

In this way, when practicing eye yoga you prevent the muscles of your eyes from atrophying, giving them rest and developing a greater visual concentration. In addition to relaxing and releasing the accumulated stress in your face. You may also like:

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