Yoga for feet and ankles

yoga for feet and ankles

When you’ve trained the last time your feet and toes? At the last painting toenails, perhaps? When was the last time you stumbled barefoot? Let’s discover yoga for feet and ankles.

Our feet and toes are the basis for our bodies. Reason enough to even worry about it. We are constantly striving to keep our body fit, but often hear the commitment to the ankles. Keep reading: Yoga exercise: Today breathed already aware?

Yoga for feet and ankles

yoga for feet and ankles

Only with bubbles, big feet, or if it hurts some risk only gaze downward. If you want to do more for your feet and your well-being, then I have a few simple exercises for you:

1. Introduce yourself upright. Your feet are hip-width apart. Raise your toes up and spread them as far apart as it goes. Then they put the small to the big toe back on the ground. Repeat this about 10 times

2. Let your feet work for you. Put a slightly crumpled towel on the floor. Then try with just your toes to pick up the handkerchief and lift it. Repeat this with each leg about five times

3. In the next exercise is about the toes independently of each other. Introduce yourself to be upright and simply lift the big toe. All other toes remain flat on the floor. Then the second toe just trying to raise the remaining toes without lifting, etc. until you arrived at the little toe. I know that this is not easily got, just fun trying out.

yoga for feet and ankles

4. Sit on your heels while your feet are not flat on the ground but the toes are placed there. You turn your toes so to speak, with the help of your weight up. Stop here for at least 10 seconds. Then the instep put back on the floor and lift your knees slightly off the ground. This neutralizes the stretch before. Repeat this 3 times

5. Sit on a chair or on the floor and take your right foot into the left hand. Yes, you read correctly in the hand! That’s not bad 😉 With your left hand, now You turn your toes gently forward and down. You should now feel a gentle stretch in your foot. The relaxed when you go long, high and tight shoes were. Holding for 20 seconds and then switch to the foot.

6. And now that you’ve gotten used to the feeling of your foot in your hand, now take your right foot in both hands and knead and massage your feet and toes sometimes. You’ll see after this wellness program is you running again on air.

Tips for yoga for feet and ankles

yoga for feet and ankles

If you have problems with the spreading of the toes, can also buy socks toe-spreaders. Some models even have knobs on the sole of the foot and are thus also for yoga Go to Yoga matters. Practicing in the cold winter suitable. I found the socks at Yoga Matters for about 9 dollars plus shipping costs. You might also like:

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