Giving physically disabled people independence

Living with a physical disability is one of the hardest impediments that someone can experience in life. Whether a person is born with the disability and has to learn to cope or they suddenly find it thrust upon themselves through an accident or illness it can seem that as the rest of the world gets on with the act of living the person with the disability is left behind. The effects on the person isn’t just to physical aspects like obesity and a lack of fitness, it can also have a profound effect on that person’s mental health as well.

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With this in mind it is essential to ensure that anyone living with a physical disability that limits movement of accessibility to general society needs to be addressed. One of the first big movements to do this was the introduction of mobility aids. The wheelchair, for example, is one of the best known. It has seen great improvements in terms of weight and comfort for the user. These developments have focused on what the user can do rather than what they can. Lightweight carbon fibre frames, developed in response to Paralympic requirements offering the biggest change.

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Driving a car is one of the defining points of 21st century living. The ability to drive anywhere and at any time is incredibly liberating. This is why WAV Vehicles, like those from can provide  a necessary life affirming status and a sense of freedom to be able to access the UKs road network and explore.

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