What are the health benefits of morning yoga exercise

benefits of morning yoga

A small sacrifice, many benefits. As you can see, the morning yogic proposal is varied and can satisfy multiple needs. The lazy people will continue to wonder why to deprive themselves of precious, sweet minutes of sleep. Here, we come here to discuss the health benefits of morning yoga. 

Benefits of morning yoga

benefits of morning yoga

#1>> Yoga in the morning increases the flexibility and resistance of our body, improves breathing and concentration, leaving aside anxieties and worries, helps the body to detoxify, slowing down the aging of cells. Also, relaxing and stretching the nerves, it also reconciles sleep.

#2>> The yogic power also dictates rules of behavior, such as not to become heavy at the table or consume mainly foods that are not too hot, better if at room temperature, eat in moderation and more.

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#3>> In the classification of foods made within the yogic diet, some foods are called Sattvic: they help keep the body healthy, increase its strength and vitality, maintaining the correct acid/alkaline balance and improving the functions mental and spirituality.

Yoga and spirituality

#4>> They are all foods rich in mineral salts, in particular of zinc which is a fundamental component for many physiological functions for the organism: it is a facilitator of numerous enzymatic reactions, it is involved in the growth mechanism of cells that have a rapid life cycle. For example, immune and gastrointestinal ones and also helps to stabilize the structure of some enzymes with an antioxidant function and therefore can neutralize free radicals and protect the body from their negative function.

#5>> Try to consider morning practice as a pleasant appointment for which it is worth thinking about getting up, a healthy ritual that you celebrate for yourself, for your psycho-physical good and your outward, but above all inner beauty — a moment in which to fill up with energy, light and serenity to better face the day.

Best time to practice yoga

practice yoga


Whether you are a beginner or you are already an expert in yoga, surely you have ever discovered what the best time of the day to practice it is. Yoga brings many benefits both in the morning and in the after morning, but differently depending on the time it is.

“Yoga is good practice all day,” explains yoga expert and instructor Tatiana Ferrari, “but it is advisable to practice it in the morning to start the day with energy and with a much more open attitude.”

Traditionally, it is practiced during the hour before sunrise. “With the greeting to the sun your body opens to start a new day with more strength,” he explains.

practice yoga

Contrary it is also the moment in which more must be exerted. ” In the morning it’s harder because your body is more closed. After having spent eight hours sleeping it is more difficult to do well postures, that’s why you have to do a great mental job, “says Ferrari. On the other hand, “if you do it in the morning, the body is already hot all day,” and the asanas are less complicated to perform.

Also, practicing yoga in the morning is also highly beneficial. The trick is to practice it when it suits you best according to the benefits you seek or the time you have.

The yoga expert advises creating the routine of doing the greeting to the sun every morning and fasting. This causes both the body and the mind to wake up completely, activate and recharge the strength and energy necessary to face the day. There are many benefits of morning yoga and here we bring a few effective.

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