3 secrets on how to remember something fast

how to remember something fast

You have an important appointment or something to do that you can not forget. To do this, write your appointment on a paper, post-it, on the calendar, on the agenda, on your mobile. Somewhere where you know, you can have it visible, so you do not forget it. Here, we are kicking off 3 secrets on how to remember something fast. 

However, there are quotes or things to do that, although you have pointed them out conscientiously, they are so important that you do not forget them. The most curious thing, are those details that make us remember that we have a targeted appointment. What is that? Why do some of these details stick in our memory, while others, which we had contemplated moments before, do not?

how to remember something fast

How to remember something fast?

Therefore, when something happens in our lives, it is imperative that our memory is “turned on” with a series of steps that we indicate below these lines so that it is retained in our mind. Not for the simple fact that something happens, we will remember it for a while or, even forever, so easily.

1. Our memory is like a video camera: it must be on for you to record

memory is like a video camera

With a simple message like “this is what you will need to remember,” you can put your memory in the recording mode and be more likely to remember the information you are receiving.

2. Take time and rest to remember

Take time and rest

There are dozens of studies that show us the dream as a powerful reinforcement of memory. The brain optimizes the consolidation of memory when we sleep. Amid the moderate wave rest cycle, the recollections gathered amid the day are incorporated into our long-haul memory for later recuperation.

3. Say a word out loud to remember

Say a word out loud

The small increases in memory come when we vocalize the word we are trying to remember as a decoy. Saying a word out loud, according to the researchers, makes the word distinctive and we are more likely to remember it.

Of course, what we indicate does not affect a fact or event of our life, such as the day of our wedding or when our son is born, since they are important and unique facts that our memory mechanically tries to retain for be a lifetime memory until the end of our days.

The emotion, the intensity, and the desire make wake up our memory switch to record in detail all this event. On the contrary, and unfortunately, in traumatic events such as the death of a very close being or an accident, the same thing also happens.

train your brain

The stress, shock, and fear they awaken and activate the switch d our memory, so that made it so unpleasant that stays in our minds. This is a clear inconvenience in tragedies since we would like to forget this about our lives, and it seems impossible, it persecutes us.

Leaving aside events, unpleasant or pleasant, when an everyday event occurs, from day to day, it is more likely that this memory or detail will be overlooked. However, we can activate our memory so that something stays in our “retina.”

increase memory power

How to increase memory power naturally?

Why, when my husband goes to the store to buy milk, does he forget milk? Is there any way to unlock the mystery of why I can remember the location of this week’s stadium of my son’s football game, but never, never the time the game lasts? What can I do to remember these details? Below we show 3 secrets or keys so that our memory is activated when we want.

As you can see, we can use simple strategies on how to remember something fast to enhance the memory of everyday issues. We hope you find it useful!

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