5 hairdresser mistakes you should not make if your girl has gone to the

hairdresser mistakes

Taking care of what you say when your girl goes to a hairdressing salon is a matter of the first order. Something about which documentaries should exist in the style of ” The Last Survivor.” But no, our society minimizes its importance. If an error were weak as if it were possible to let it run, rectify, repair the damage. In this article, we suggest you hairdresser mistakes that everyone does.

Nothing is further from reality. Common hairdresser mistakes generate an indelible reaction that will be remembered at any dinner with friends, in any discussion, when you least expect it. We believe that prevention is better than cure. Your relationship matters to us, we have relied on a study from Northwestern University to detect the most common mistakes and avoid the major evil. Continue reading: Alleviate tension with 3 simple exercises.

Common hairdresser mistakes when a girl goes to the hairdresser

hairdresser mistakes

# 1 Not realizing

It is a beginner’s hairdresser mistakes. A basic one that a modern man, high tech, should not allow himself. Because if your girlfriend goes to the hairdresser because she has 6 months of roots and returns with some Californian wicks and 70 dollars less, you should notice that change. If you are not capable, it is better to say:

“Have you made a change? I notice you differently, but it’s so natural that you only look prettier. “

This phrase will suffice for her to give free rein to her desire to talk about her change of look and I gave you all the information you need to be like a gentleman. Keep Reading https://daypowermedia.com/reviews/in-with-the-old-and-new-adding-a-retro-twist-to-a-modern-room/

# 2 Say you liked it better before

Why?! Why?! Sincerity is overrated in relationships. She does not want you to be honest. She wants you to be useful and to minimize her mistake because she knows she has made a mistake. Do not expect a sincere answer, expect an adequate response. What you say will not make your new appearance disappear. If it looks like a grandmother, say it’s more interesting. If it’s boring, say it’s elegant. Whatever, the evil is already done, and your sincerity can only make it worse.

# 3 Say what you like and then recognize that you do not

hairdresser mistakes

This is much more serious because it also shows that you are afraid. She should never know it. If you say that you like it and you do not even know if you have shaved your mustache or cut your hair you must be prepared to maintain your position. Otherwise, it would be like bluffing in a good poker hand and showing your cards even if no one has entered. You will never be respected at a table again. Is that what you want?

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# 4 Say that it reminds you of an ex-girlfriend

She knows it. He knows that you go out together because you have not overcome Adriana leaving with the hammock of your honeymoon. She does not want to hear it. Yes, he will do everything possible to look like her and to overcome it. Because he knows that this way you will be at his feet, but it is a taboo subject. If your ex had the hair of Naranjo in her best times and she, coincidentally, also takes it, it is because it is fashionable. Point. Your girlfriend is a modern girl and you should not say anything else if you do not want her to find another hammock.

# 5 That I send you a picture by WhatsApp and not say that it has been great

Do not be devoted. If she has sent you a picture of WhatsApp and she does not have the silver paper in her head. It is more than likely that it is a result photo. So, say that she has been great. If it tells you that it is not over yet, you can always say that the change can already be glimpsed.

hairdresser mistakes


If in spite of everything this entry is late and you have already screwed up with your girlfriend. Remember they say that everything has a solution except death. Apologize, recognize that you had not noticed well at the beginning and that after reflecting it looks more beautiful than ever. You want it for what it has inside and that’s why the outside often goes unnoticed. Above all love her and love her a lot.

I hope you enjoyed reading our suggestion on hairdresser mistakes. You may read also: Anxiety makes you anxious person? Take advantage!

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