Are there any benefits in the consumption of soft drinks and PEPSI?

consumption of soft drinks

Soft drinks and beverages have been associated, historically, with negative health effects. Such as dental deterioration, obesity, and calcium deficiency. However, certain types of carbonated drinks promote particular health benefits, including hydration and weight loss. Carbonated water is simply sparkling water, and flavors can be added to make sodas. Here we bring some benefits consumption of soft drinks and Pepsi. Let’s ready. 

Benefits in the consumption of soft drinks and carbonated waterconsumption of soft drinks

Soft drinks called effervescent or carbonated beverages. They are flavored, sweetened and carbonated liquids that do not contain alcohol. Keep reading: These foods contain more calcium than milk. You have to start consuming them!

Carbonated water

Carbonation is a way to increase consumer interest in drinking water. Carbonated water is almost as beneficial to health as still water. There is a very slight increase in the capacity of effervescent water to cause dental erosion compared to still water. Even so, the negative effects of carbonated water on the teeth are negligible. Such as the analogous effects caused by the sugar content or the acidity level of carbonated beverages in general.

Carbonated water is good for hydration, although effervescent water has a less hydrating effect than the same volume of still water. Anyway, the taste and texture of carbonated water can lead to an individual drinking a greater volume of effervescent water. It compared to what they would have consumed of still water.


consumption of soft drinks

Dietary soft drinks are low in calories. A benefit to health when consuming carbonated water is that, due to the carbonation process, the drink will provide you with satiety and as a result, the total consumption of food may decrease. It is obvious to point out that if you drink sugary sodas. You will sabotage your efforts to lose weight, due to the high caloric content of this type of drinks.

Typically, diet sodas are low in calories and therefore work well regarding decreasing appetite when consumed before eating or between meals. The caffeine present in several soft drinks can also help to increase the metabolic rate temporarily, and contribute to losing weight.


Carbonated water is almost as beneficial to health as still water. When considering the potential benefits of drinking carbonated water and soft drinks in general. It is also important to evaluate the negative effects of these beverages on general health. The consumption of soft drinks has been associated with an increased risk of developing osteoporosis since many of them contain high levels of phosphate.

When the phosphorus is excreted, it pushes the calcium out of the bones. Consumption of soft drinks contributes to tooth decay. In addition to increasing the risk of diabetes. Sugar-free soft drinks sweetened with artificial products carry additional health risks. They related to artificial sweeteners. For example, aspartame sweetener is associated with brain tumors, toxicity and skin reactions.

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What happens if I take a lot of Pepsi?

consumption of soft drinks

Consequences in the body when taking Pepsi frequently:

  • It relieves thirst momentarily so that after a while the body demands more refreshment.
  • By replacing the soda with water it is very easy for us to suffer from constipation.
  • Overload the function of the kidneys.
  • It generates obesity since it is high in calories and many people drink more than a liter of soda.
  • You are more prone to suffer from osteoporosis, heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, tooth decay … etc.
  • Contains carbonated water, phosphoric acid, 4-methylimidazole, acesulfame potassium, aspartame … etc. that in the medium-long term can harm health, as with cancer.
  • They do not have any nutrients (vitamins and minerals).
  • There is a lot of news on the internet that Pepsi uses aborted fetal cells to intensify the taste, that is, aborted fetuses as a sweetener.

In any case, if you are going to drink a Pepsi and consumption of soft drinks, make sure that you do it as if it were a treat (one of those harmful ones) and never as if you were drinking simple water. Remember that we only inform you here, you have the last word.

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