What Working in the Healthcare Industry is all about.

To work in the HealthCare Industry specifically in the Gloucestershire area, takes dedication, passion, commitment, enthusiasm, empathy and hard work!  There are many Health care jobs Cheltenham, Gloucester and all over the County of Gloucestershire that are in desperate need of experienced staff to fill all the vacancies.  The long hours and varied shifts, having to work in very stressful conditions, the intimate patient care requirements, daily, potential fatalities, and the cleaning up of vomit and faeces is certainly not a career choice for the faint hearted.

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Parts of the County of Gloucestershire are considered deprived areas and the use of drugs and alcohol is higher than average, this makes working in the County even more difficult and challenging. Working twelve hours straight as an ambulance Paramedic in Gloucester, Cheltenham and around the County could easily mean encountering intoxicated, drug fuelled patients who are verbally and physically abusive!  Being able to remain calm and in control of threatening behaviour takes courage and a great deal of experience.

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You must be able to work well in a team but feel confident enough to tackle any required medical care on your own.  There are opportunities for promotion if you can handle the stresses and strains of working in the National Health Service or for a private health company, and the sense of camaraderie and feeling like you belong to a big, extended family certainly helps to make any position in the Care Industry more like a life-long calling.

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