The changing face of environmentalism

Go back some one hundred years and the desire to treat our planet with the dignity and respect it deserves was in very short supply. We were quite happy to use coal, petrol and gas without a care in the world. Rows and rows of homes would be putting out smoke from their chimneys, munitions that were left over from the great war were dumped into the Irish sea and the increase in single-use items was on the rise. Recycling and preservation of landscapes and habitats was not a consideration as the world plunged into an age of monetarism and modernism.

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However, there were soon rumblings amongst the youth of the world about what this wasteful approach was doing to the planet. Scientists began to come back with worrying figures. The world’s temperature seemed to be rising. The polar ice caps were reducing in size and sea levels were rising. The Extinction of insects and animals was growing apace. Plus the destruction of crucial habitats was happening as people demanded more living space, consumed more resources and also waged increasingly destructive wars.

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This is why we try to take more care of the environment. Things like Spill Kits from are prime examples of this. Chemical spillages can spell total disaster for a habitat, people’s livelihood and even their very survival itself.

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