Do you need to tip in Greece?

Whether you are seeking to obtain Greek citizenship by investment or get a study visa, it is important to understand the local culture before you relocate to Greece. One important area to be aware of is tipping, so let’s take a look at what you need to know.

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What is the custom for tipping in Greece?

The customary tip for services in Greece is between 10 per cent and 15 per cent. You can also round up the bill. It is normal to tip taxi drivers, tour guides, restaurants, and a range of other services. This is broadly in line with tipping customs in the UK.

Places where you are expected to tip

Customary places for tipping include Greek tavernas, bars and cafes (although this isn’t mandatory), hotel staff, taxi drivers and tour guides, and hairdressers. Check the receipt in restaurants, as a service charge may already have been added.

Getting to grips with Greek tipping culture

When you seek to obtain Greece citizenship by investment via a specialist immigration lawyer such as, you will be advised to learn as much as possible about Greek culture.

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As a general rule, tipping conventions in Greece are similar to those in the UK – slightly haphazard! When in doubt, see what other people are doing, Google it, or ask a local friend. It is also worth asking yourself whether you received a great level of service when you went to a cafe, bar, taverna or service provider; if so, a tip may well be appropriate as a way of showing your thanks and appreciation. Generally speaking, a tip will rarely cause offence and it is far nicer to leave one than not to do so when someone has gone out of their way to serve you.

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