Home mask-film – An excellent peeling effect

Any skin of all types for proper functioning and adequate nutrition needs primarily deep cleansing. Having a peeling effect, a mask-film at home is a saving remedy that will remove any kind of pollution from your face.

Action mask-film on the skin of the face

DIY activated charcoal peel off mask at home is easy to prepare, but its effect is equal to any salon procedure: the skin is cleared, the freshness noticeably clears, the inflammations and black spots disappear. How can this happen? These substances that are part of the home mask-film, work to ensure that the skin began to breathe deeper. After all, if you look at the ingredients that are included in it, each of them deserves to be called a full-fledged cosmetic means for skin care of the face …

  • The basis of all such masks is gelatin, which is inherently a natural collagen, rejuvenating the skin, causing the cells to be renewed;
  • Activated carbon penetrates deep into the skin and cleans the contaminated pores, relieving the face of hateful black spots; as a result, the skin is smoothed and feels elastic;
  • The egg nourishes and moisturizes tired and irritated skin, being a component of many effective masks;
  • Additional ingredients (fruits, berries, vegetables, green tea, and herbal infusions) nourish the skin with vitamins.

That’s how the cleansing mask-film works with our pores and skin cells: purifying, nourishing, moisturizing. Keep reading http://www.naturalbeautytheblog.com/teeth-whitening-tips-activated-charcoal/

Mask-film for the face: Indications and contraindications

Naturally, such a regenerating mask-film has a number of indications when it will be most effective:

  • Home mask-film is useful for oily skin, since it normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • Tired skin will receive a deep cleansing;
  • Effective mask-film from black dots, acne and acne, so it is recommended for problem skin;
  • For any other skin it will become a necessary food and weekly care.

However, one should also remember that the facial mask, which cleans and rejuvenates, has the ability to affect the deepest layers of the skin, and therefore has a number of contraindications:

  • Too thin, sensitive and dry skin;
  • The capillaries are too close to the surface of the skin;
  • Open wounds on the face under the action of a cleansing mask-film can become inflamed;
  • Tumors of various origin.

If all these recommendations are followed, the mask-film will be a real salvation for the most problematic skin. It remains to learn how to make a mask-film yourself.

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