How to Remove Stretch Marks Permanently

how to remove stretch marks permanently

Stretch marks are visible and irregular marks on the skin that appear when the dermis undergoes an abrupt stretch, as this causes the fibers that compose it to break. Here, we will present how to remove stretch marks permanently.

Stretch marks can arise from adolescence and throughout our lives for different reasons: sped up growth, sudden changes in weight, intense exercise, eating a poorly balanced diet, etc.

The appearance of stretch marks affects men and women equally. However, there is usually more talk about how these marks affect the female body. To explaining why these brands appear, we reveal some great natural remedies that will help you reduce their appearance noticeably. Let’s go there!

How to remove stretch marks permanently?

To combat stretch marks in men, there is nothing better than prevention. Avoid rapidly gaining weight or muscle and using shower gels, soaps, creams, and oils with natural ingredients. It helps maintain skin elasticity are a great way to keep stretch marks at bay.

how to remove stretch marks permanently

But what if stretch marks have already appeared? As we have said, eliminating them completely is practically impossible, since even the most advanced surgical treatments cannot ensure the desired results. However, there are a series of 100% natural products and home remedies. It will allow you to reduce stretch marks so they are noticeably concealed and prevent the appearance of new stretch marks. These are some remedies:

  • Remove stretch marks with rosehip oil
  • Remove stretch marks with pure aloe vera
  • Remove stretch marks with cocoa butter
  • Remove stretch marks with lemon-based remedies

Rosehip for stretch marks

All the remedies that we propose below are designed for both men and women. Whatever your sex, rosehip oil can become a great ally to fight stretch marks. Apply rosehip oil to get nice skin on legs in one week.

Rosehip oil is one of the most regenerating and moisturizing oils that exist to treat certain skin conditions: scars, stretch marks, wounds, etc. This is because rosehip oil has a high content of essential acids (omega 6 and 3) and vitamin A, ingredients that act as emollient and healing elements on the dermis.

Rosehip oil is very effective on red stretch marks. It can eliminate them. In the case of white stretch marks, their healing action reduces them, significantly hiding their appearance.

Apply the mosqueta oil after your usual shower or bath and gently massage until the skin absorbs it completely. Also, remember to use it every day to achieve better results in less time.

Aloe Vera for stretch marks

Once again, we come across a regenerating and healing ingredient perfect for the various brands of the dermis. Undoubtedly, aloe vera will help you regenerate the broken skin tissues that lead to stretch marks, so with a little patience. You will achieve visible results.

To combat stretch marks with aloe vera, we recommend that you apply it with circular massages on the affected area with stretch marks. Do it every morning and night and, if possible, after showering, because the skin will better absorb all its properties and nutrients.

Cocoa butter for stretch marks in men and women

Cocoa butter is fat of vegetable origin with highly nutritious and moisturizing properties and with a high index of antioxidants. The moisturizing capacity of cocoa butter makes it an ideal remedy to increase skin elasticity. Improve its appearance and eliminate stretch marks in men and women affected by these brands.

You must apply the cocoa cream with a circular massage on the skin twice a day. As with the rest of the home remedies, we recommend that you do it in the morning and at night after showering. If you wish, and to enhance the qualities of cocoa butter, you can mix a tablespoon of cocoa butter with a tablespoon of olive oil. This ingredient has a high content of fatty oils that will also contribute to fight stretch marks.

Use of the lemon for stretch marks

Does the lemon work for stretch marks? Why are so many products to fight skin tags made with this ingredient? Lemon is a citrus that has a high content of vitamin C, which is why it is a perfect antioxidant that prevents skin aging, as well as other alterations.

Similarly, lemon citric acid has bleaching qualities that will help you treat red stretch marks. With due perseverance and patience, will even make them disappear. Do you want to use lemon to eliminate stretch marks in men and women? We tell you how to do it:

  • Make the juice of half lemon, depending on the amount you need.
  • Apply the juice on the stretch marks and circularly massage the area for a few seconds, because the goal is that the skin does not immediately absorb all the juice.
  • Once you’re done, let the ingredient act for about 30 minutes.
  • After these 30 minutes, you can rinse with plenty of water.

Another option is to apply lemon juice on stretch marks before going to sleep and let its properties act overnight. For best results, use this treatment every day and, if you have time, combine it with some other home remedy proposed above.

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Why stretch marks go out to men?

The first factor that influences the appearance of stretch marks is genetic. Not all people have the same predisposition to stretch marks, as there are individuals with a skin composed of very elastic fibers that prevent the appearance of marks on the skin. However, other people have less collagen and elasticity in their skin, which causes alterations.

The causes of stretch marks for men vary greatly from one man to another, but in most cases, it is due to the following factors:

Abrupt weight gain: Excessive weight gain in a very short time causes the skin to stretch excessively and, therefore, breakage of the fibers.

A poor diet: The lack of essential nutrients such as vitamin C, collagen, elastin, and omegas 3 and 6 cause a deterioration in the skin fibers and, consequently, the appearance of stretch marks.

An intense sport routine: Athletes who play sports in which continuous and intense stretching and weight training are usually suffering from stretch marks. The reason? Accelerated muscle growth causes the skin to stretch beyond its limits.

Growth: In adolescence, a more abrupt than normal skin stretch occurs due to growth peaks.

Remove stretch marks permanently

Other recommendations to avoid stretch marks

In addition to the remedies to remove stretch marks in men and women that we have shown you. We recommend other ways and preventive measures to achieve a uniform and stretch-free skin:

Consume plenty of water: Water is the most natural moisturizer that exists. Drinking water helps keep the body hydrated inside and out, so do not hesitate to drink 2 liters of water a day to maintain the elasticity of the skin and keep it better preserved. The more elastic your skin is, the less chance there is of stretch marks, so reduce the consumption of soft drinks and juices and bet on drinking water.

Eat a balanced diet rich in fruit: Eating fruit is essential if we want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Most fruits contain high amounts of water, are satiating, have all kinds of vitamins, and do not get fat at all. Fiber, minerals, and the high content of vitamins and antioxidants make any type of fruit a perfect ally to fight stretch marks. Maintain a balanced diet that does not make you gain weight improperly. The consumption of strawberries and other red fruits, as well as oranges, pineapple, and other seasonal fruits, will help you maintain healthy and more elastic skin.

Ingesting Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids: Omega 6 and omega 3 are very beneficial fatty acids for the skin. The intake of this type of fatty acids helps to regenerate and nourish the skin. So, regularly including omega 6 and omega 3 in your diet, you will get a much more hydrated and elastic skin. You can consume omega 3 and 6 in capsules (you will find them for sale in herbalists and pharmacies) or through bluefish. Salmon, sardines or mackerel are an excellent source of fatty acids, so include them in your diet 2 or 3 times a week.

Avoid losing weight very quickly: Losing weight quickly prevents the skin fibers from adapting to their new state properly. That is why losing a lot of weight without performing toning exercises can cause sagging skin. It is very important to avoid aggressive diets to prevent the appearance or increase of stretch marks. In the long run, these types of diets turn against you because of the dreaded Yo-Yo effect. Losing weight quickly and with a nutrient-poor diet does not help you change eating habits. If you are thinking of going on a diet to lose those extra kilos, we recommend that you do it with the help of a professional. Above all, you do the diet without forgetting physical exercise.

Aesthetic treatments: Today, beauty centers offer treatments to reduce and eliminate stretch marks in men and women. These techniques are based on peeling and dermabrasion treatments, as well as the use of advanced laser techniques. The price for this type of treatments usually ranges between 500 and 700 dollars, depending on the condition of the skin and the necessary sessions. If you are thinking of carrying out a localized treatment to eliminate stretch marks, we recommend that you go to trusted clinics that have the corresponding license.

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