How to make my beard grow faster?

How to make my beard grow faster

There are many men who prefer to shave daily and leave their face free of hair, but more and more are getting to wear a well-groomed beard, either to enhance their masculinity or simply to look more attractive. Find out how to make my beard grow faster.

First, you should let your beard grow and not shave during the first three or four weeks of growth. With this, the hair will become increasingly thick and dense. Then, you can get the shape and style of the beard you want to look.

How to make my beard grow faster?

In the beginning, it is possible that the skin is irritated and you feel some itching, the best thing is to avoid scratching so as not to cause the appearance of skin rashes that can generate uneven hair growth. To relieve itching, apply a specific liquid fluid for the care of the beard on the skin that is moisturizing and has an antibacterial effect.

How to make my beard grow faster

Exfoliates facial skin

Also, it is important to keep the face clean, hydrated and exfoliated to make the beard grow faster and make it leafier. In addition to washing daily with a facial gel and apply a moisturizing lotion, exfoliates the skin of the face once a week to remove dead cells and keep the pores and hair follicles very clean. This will allow good growth of the beard and will limit incidences of ingrown hairs.

To do it correctly, follow the steps listed below:

  • Wash your face with soap and plenty of water and leave it slightly moistened.
  • Apply the facial scrub on the face and massage the area in all areas to eliminate dead cells.
  • Spend a few more seconds to exfoliate the area where the beard grows.
  • Remove the exfoliant with plenty of warm water and that’s it!

Facial massages

One trick that can work to stimulate the growth of the beard is the performance of facial massages. With this, it is possible to reactivate the blood flow on the surface of the skin, a key factor for the hair to grow healthy and strong. Try to do the massage yourself, making circular movements with the tips of your fingers on the skin of the face.

To enhance the effects of these, we recommend you do the massages by applying some of the natural oils that can contribute to their growth and beauty, such as jojoba oil, grape seed oil, almond oil or Argan

Include biotin in your diet

There is a vitamin called biotin, also known as vitamin B7, B8 and vitamin H, which is highly recommended by specialists to promote hair growth and counteract its fall, so it can be excellent to grow the beard faster.

You can buy this vitamin through a supplement or find it in some foods such as egg yolks, liver, meats, milk, brewer’s yeast, bluefish, nuts, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, etc.

Eucalyptus oil for the growth of the beard

Applying some eucalyptus oil to the beard area can also stimulate hair growth and make hair grow healthier.

Pour a few drops of the oil on the skin along with a little warm water and gently massage, leaving to act for 10 or 15 minutes. Other natural oils that are good options to boost hair growth are rosemary oil and coconut oil.

Reduce stress

Limiting the amount of stress in your life and rest well are factors to be taken into account, as they can cause the delay of the growth of the beard and make the hair weaker and brittle.

To reduce stress, you can perform a physical exercise on a regular basis or initiate yourself in meditation or disciplines such as yoga or pilates. It can also help any daily activity that generates peace and peace.

In addition to the above, we recommend that you visit the article how to prevent and treat hair loss and discover many more tips to wear an impeccable beard in the article Tricks to have a perfect beard.

If you are a teenager and your beard is growing for the first time, wait a bit. The growth of facial hair also tends to increase the speed with age. Many young men who start with a thin beard notice that it grows more quickly as they mature.

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