18 easy toenail designs to beautify yourself

easy toenail designs

The fingernails are not the only ones that deserve to be decorated. Especially in the summer, when sandals and flip-flops come out of the closet, you also have to think about how to make the decorated toenails. You can combine the decoration with the hands or follow your tastes. In fact, creative models are not lacking and you will see beautiful and easy toenail designs to follow.

18 easy toenail designs

There are options for all tastes. From the most discreet to the most daring and retailers. You can use a little polish to make flowers. You can use nail stickers and/or make nails decorated with rhinestones.

1. With flower and butterfly

It is a traditional decoration style when the beautician has a good hand to make drawings with a brush.

2. Bordeaux with white detail

The combination of burgundy and white is very beautiful. This model can be done both with adhesive and with a brush since it is a very simple design.

3. Black and white

In this model, they decorate all the nails the same, with an artistic inspiration in an abstract drawing in black and white. Basic, but creative.

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4. Green animal print

So that it is not a common French pedicure, you can put stickers or paint the tips with an animal print. The green color enhances the design and flees from the ordinary.

5. Psychedelic effect

If you have a very young and colorful style at the time of dressing, these nails will complement the visual. These are even more beautiful with white sandals.

6. Delicate flower

In the case that you are the opposite style, very delicate and discreet, a French pedicure very well made with two small flowers well in the corner, just to have a detail, will represent very well how you feel.

7. Strawberries

Strawberries drawn on all the nails, which can be made with enamel or adhesive. You can make them on all the nails as in the picture or bet on the color on one finger only.

8. Colorful nails with rhinestones

Although they are colorful nails, the tones are clear and delicate. The rhinestones too. This is positioned at the base of the nails and gives a special charm.

9. Combination nails

Another idea is to make the toenails decorated the same as those of the hands. A basic conjunctive to guarantee that any look is combined.

10. Pink French pedicure

If you love the French pedicure, but you want to change the color, this rose is a beautiful tone. With the bouquet of flowers above it is even more delicate.

11. Colorful stripes

In the same style of colorful nails with rhinestones, this pedicure is committed to stripes and the use of black highlights the light nuances.

12. Two diagonal colors

This is another model of the most traditional to make the toenails decorated. With these colors, the result is very discreet without going unnoticed.

13. Delicate ribbon

To make this pedicure, three colors of enamel and a very delicate golden pebble were used to give a final touch of sweetness.

14. Polka dots and gold

Very nice that bow effect in two layers. The combination of dark red with cream and gold is very flexible to be used with different looks.

15. Colorful sticker

A model with stickers for nails. Many very small and colorful flowers denote a young and cheerful spirit.

16. Basic lilac

To have the toenails decorated, no, necessarily, you need stones and / or flowers. To barely a very careful French pedicure is enough.

17. Blue and silver

The dark blue with silver glitter rhinestones leaves a very nice result on the nails. These are charismatic and elegant, but without attracting much attention.

18. Hearts

At last a light rosita with black hearts stickers and another very nice model for those who want a romantic and delicate visual.

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