How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness Within Yourself

how to find inner peace and happiness

I need inner peace. Have you ever said or thought? How to find inner peace and happiness? The high-speed pace of life we ​​have in today’s world and the lower quality of the moments we live, fighting for everything. All are insignificant that may have made you rethink many things.

And surely those words asking for help will have remained in a mere sentence pronounced or thought at a certain moment. But it is becoming a repetitive event in time in an anguishing way, managing to enter an emotional loop of anxiety and despair that undermines our joy, optimism, and vitality. The inner calm shines by its absence.

How to find inner peace and happiness?

Most people do not feel a feeling of peace, of tranquility, of serenity, throughout the day. We must end the unnecessary worries and unbridled speed of our lives.

We have to find inner peace again. For this, we must make a parenthesis in our life and dedicate ourselves a time to reorder our needs, our vital priorities.

Anxiety and anger may accompany your attitude and responses to the facts of life, or you can respond calmly and peacefully.

how to find inner peace and happiness

What is inner peace?

We can safely say that inner peace is a feeling of well-being or happiness, which fills us with deep tranquility. It is a state in which the mind is isolated and leaves out fears, worries, suffering.

Any sensation thought, and negative emotion that could disturb us is outside the bubble of calm that we get with this state.

We establish a special or superior connection with ourselves, and with the wonderful Universe that surrounds us, perceiving and enjoying details and nuances that we had not realized before. To say inner peace is to say spiritual peace is to feel that the spirit mind connection is total.

Peace of mind means to stop fighting for the time in which we can remain in it, moving away from all the problems and setbacks of our daily routine.

The importance of the mind to achieve inner calm

Watch your thoughts because they will become words. Watch your words because they will become acts. And your destiny will be your life: Mahatma Gandhi

You may not need to add anything else after these wise words of Gandhi. The mind is everything in our personal growth and of course, on our path towards personal tranquility, towards our inner calm.

Whether we believe that we can achieve inner peace or if we believe that we will not achieve it, in both thoughts, we are right. It is only up to us to choose one or the other. In the first we will have to work with the determination to reach our spiritual peace, the second will not cost us much to decide, but our quality of life will descend many integers. What do you choose?

Do not let your mind leave you in your comfort zone, take steps, and get out of there. You will notice the benefits in a short time. Although yes, you will have to make an effort. Inner peace deserves it.

Is it possible to achieve inner peace?

It may happen to you that finding spiritual calm is impossible. Finding serenity in the booming world in which we move is sometimes a more complicated task than it should be. The frenzy magnifies any adverse situation, the speed we breathe in today’s civilization.

However, that does not imply that it is impossible to achieve inner peace. We have to strive to filter everything that comes from our outside. And for this, it is necessary to manage our own vital ship. Once we take the reins of our lives, we can bring reality to inner peace.

When is it possible to be calm?

We can say that spiritual peace is achieved little by little, sip by sip, and along the road, we travel. It is a personal and non-transferable decision, in which we have to modify many habits and create other behaviors that give us that vital tranquility.

It is up to each staff to reach that state. There is no exact science. Some will need a lifetime and others for soul genetics prone to that emotional calm, will reach that state with extreme ease.

The personal peace begets energy. Our effective increase in physical and spiritual energy is a consequence of our discovery of inner peace. This is a giant step towards inner peace at the highest spiritual level.

How to find inner peace?

1. Invest time in meditation and reflection

It is about quieting the mind and for that, better than performing exercises for a better way to face the day to day in a more mentally leisurely way. You have to program your life, leaving a space to recover serenity and what better way to do it than through meditation. If you don’t know how to do it, you will have no excuse after reading our simple meditation guide. After meditating, your mind and body will be more prepared to face a few minutes of reflection in search of that desired inner peace.

2. Learn to live with the noise of your silence

Nowadays it is difficult to talk with yourself. Going into the beauty of our Universe requires an inner calm in which we have to get used to living with our loneliness. We have to learn to move away with our inner gaze of ourselves, becoming mere spectators, to feel our inner turmoil in this way.

Gradually and patiently, slowing our breathing, our heartbeat, we will achieve internal placidity. Perhaps silence is the greatest power that exists because all that exists are partial aspects of silence.

3. Simplify your life

We have already written on these pages several times about the importance of simplifying your life. And we don’t say it alone, but Wayne Dyer himself gives us 12 steps to a simpler life. The way to enjoy a few moments of our precious life depends on us. Yes, do not look the other way, exclusively from us, and you are included.

If we clean our mental CPU and leave it more free of negative thoughts and useless ideas, we can focus on enjoying a more fluid and happy life. A life with more inner peace.

4. Practice gratitude

One of the great secrets to achieving inner peace is thanks. To who? Well, everything. To the Universe, to those around us, to life. We must extract the positive juice from all the experiences we have. There is always something to thank for. Thanking is the best balm to achieve happiness, to balance our inner peace.

We have to learn to give expecting nothing in return. Generosity is linked to gratitude and turning away selfishness will help calm us to embrace you with your arms. Reduce your complaints, and be grateful, no matter what. And then smile.

5. Avoid criticism, the worst enemy of inner peace

Another of the basic pillars for the construction of inner peace is empathy. For this, we must put as many times as we can in the skin of those in front of us. We are wrong about the negative review. We think that doing it will leave us as new, in a state of tranquility. But it is not so. The truth is that it destroys us internally. Leaving acidity grounds within us that it took to expel. It deals as much damage to the one who receives it as to the one who issues that value judgment. We must learn to see the surrounding positive. And ignore the negative. This includes criticism.

6. Make forgiveness your most powerful weapon

Asking for forgiveness and forgiving are outlined as important therapeutic processes to achieve spiritual peace. Forgiving consists in a change of voluntary destructive behaviors directed against the one who has done the damage, for other constructive ones.

We must forgive both others and ourselves. It may be difficult to forgive third parties for damages they did to us in the past, but it is much more difficult to forgive ourselves. That is where we have to influence to achieve inner calm. Forgiveness is not a unique act that is done. It is a continuous process that can be deepened and completed.

7. Acceptance of our reality

Not everything in this life will be a path of roses. Finding inner peace means foremost, balance. And for that, we accept that everything is not white or black. We have to accept certain negative feelings, sensations, and emotions that are established in our life, and situations and experiences that are not as pleasant as we would like them to be. But life is so.

We have to learn to balance our life. There are things we can get rid of to lighten our load, but we have to learn to live with many others. In this way, our mind will stop fighting and end up finding patience and the much desired inner stillness.

Habits for inner peace

Habits for inner peace

1. Start the day slowly

Ideally, start the day with peace of mind, and for this, it may be better to advance the alarm to get more time to jump out of bed, clean up without haste and have breakfast enjoying the moment. If we can also devote a few minutes to meditation, everything will be rolled to approach inner peace in a much more precise way.

2. Be aware of the instant we live

Managing the present moment is essential. Let us not let the maelstrom devour us and take us from the past to the future without allowing ourselves to be here and now. We have to manage our emotional moment, respect it, and analyze it to go beyond our reality and in this way find spiritual peace.

3. You make this thought yours: I am not the center of the Universe

Forget that you are a target to which all the actions that occur around you point. That is not like that. If with humility you start recording on your personal hard drive that you are outside of what happens, that you decide how to perceive reality, you will realize that if you want to be at peace with yourself, you must leave victimhood and perceive the good part that gives you every experience of life.

4. Manage your time well

The time we have is limited, and this is a major obstacle to inner peace. The phone that accompanies and interrupts us everywhere and many other distractions make focusing on ourselves or those around us more and more difficult.

This causes us anxiety and stress, the worst companions for a healthy life of inner peace. We have to learn to focus on what we are doing, whatever it is. We learn that there is a lot of peace in just doing one thing and let go of everything else.

Little by little, you will take control of your life and notice the balance, calm, and peace in everything you do.

Signs that can tell you that you have inner peace

signs of inner peace

1. The tendency to act and think spontaneously and naturally

Thinking long before speaking or acting can be behavior anchored to fears and fears of error. When you are in a state of inner calm, fear and fear are minimized.

2. Ability to enjoy the moment

Fears, expectations, and fears of the future will no longer obscure the light of the present moment. It allows us to focus our attention on the current moment.

3. Self-criticism shines for its absence

We accept ourselves as we are and pass over severe judgments of ourselves.

4. A loss of interest in judging others

Empathy and respect for others take over our being achieving greater inner happiness and connection with those around us.

5. A loss of interest in the conflict as a means of relationship with others

What we used to contemplate as normal, to discuss in defense of what we considered our truth, goes to a second term, knowing from our peace that there is no absolute truth.

6. The smile takes over our face and our life

Love becomes the engine of everything we do and so we transmit it by changing our reality and that of those around us.

Meditation for inner peace

Meditation for inner peace

I want to finish this article with a little meditation that you could do before going to sleep. If you repeat it for a while, you will get more peaceful days in your life.

1. Relaxation to silence the mind

You feel comfortable, either sitting or lying down. Choose a position that is comfortable for you. Place the palms of your hands up and breathe deeply three times, inspiring through the nose and expiring through the mouth. Remove your thoughts from your head and silence your mind completely.

Observe how your breathing is. Its rhythm, the sound, the path of the air breathed and from where you breathe. Relax your breathing as you relax your body.

2. Connection with your heart

Direct all your attention to your heart. Your Being, your power, your energy, and your inner peace are there. There is no other path to inner peace.

Place your hand in your heart, and feel it, enjoy it. Feel like it beats and allow yourself to feel anything that appears at that moment, accepting everything and letting it go.

Focus your attention on beating your heart and listen to this soft murmur that passes through you. Feel in this way how you connect with your essence, with your inner peace. How do you connect with the whole Universe? With life itself.

3. Making decrees and affirmations

We will say these phrases calmly, without haste. After saying each phrase, we will feel it with our whole Being. Feeling in this way, spiritual peace, in our whole Being.

When you repeat each phrase and at the highest moment of feeling, place your hand over your heart for a few moments.

This movement will remain in your life as an anchor that you can use whenever you want to feel this inner peace. You have to put your hand in the heart to feel it.

The phrases you should recite to improve your inner peace:

  • My mind has only thoughts that remind me that I am an eternal being, impeccable, fully loved, and perfect in this very moment.
  • My mind has only thoughts of peace, love, joy, abundance, and happiness.
  • I am a being of full peace, love, and trust. I do not forget.
  • I am peace
  • I am love
  • I am trust
  • I am Calm and Serenity
  • I am an Unlimited Being
  • I am the pure joy
  • I’m peace

After you have connected with the statements above, choose a person you know and bless them with this peace and love you feel.

Bless the person and imagine-smiling, happy and peaceful. Each time you meditate, choose a different person.

Thank God, the Universe, or whoever you want, for having reached inner peace right now.

Final recommendation

Then I leave you with a wonderful melody that will trap your heart and soul, and that can help you perform the meditation of inner peace. Light incense and enjoy the experience of connecting with yourself.

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