20 High Paying Low Stress Jobs for Introverts

high paying low stress jobs for introverts

Some people like to work under pressure and cannot live without it. They want high paying low stress jobs for introverts. But as human beings are not equal, there are people who just look for a balance between peace and family to live life without complications. Look for professions that have low stress. A Business Insider report shows that there are several jobs that are quieter than others, but if you worry about money, the pay is also good.

High paying low stress jobs for introverts

We present a list showing the 20 high paying low stress jobs for introverts:

20. Hydrologist:

If we evaluate over 100 this list, hydrologists have a 66/100 stress, and their average salary is 83 thousand 440 dollars a year. The professionals of this career are dedicated to the circulation, distribution and physical properties of the surface and underground waters, movement through the earth, study the intensity and form of rainfall, among others.

19. App developer:

The stress level of these professionals is 65/100, and their annual salary is approximately 102 thousand dollars. Develop, modify and create software for computer programs and mobile applications.

18. Actuary:

They are dedicated to analyzing financial or risk costs. His annual salary is $ 110,560 a year, and the stress level is 64/100.

17. IT Manager:

They are professionals in helping a company solve computer problems and are in charge of mobile devices, computers or other digital device belonging to the institution they work for. Their stress level is 64/100, and they earn about 141 thousand dollars a year.

16. Operations analyst:

They earn about $ 84,200 a year, and their stress level is 63/100. They look for the deficiencies in the business model of a company to develop best practices, thus ensuring greater profitability for the company.

15. Law Professor:

These educators earn approximately $ 126,200 a year. They are dedicated to teaching their students subjects of the law degree, and their stress level is 63/100.

14. Geoscientist:

The stress level of these professionals is 63/100; they are dedicated to studying the composition, physical aspects and structure of planet earth. The salary of the Geoscientists is at 105 thousand 700 dollars annually.

13. Astronomer:

Their salary is $ 110,200 a year, and they are dedicated to analyze, observe and investigate any phenomenon that has to do with astronomy.

12. Professor of economics:

Another of the great stress-free professions is that of an economics professor. They have a stress level of 62/100 and charge $ 115,000 annually.

11. Physical:

This profession is much sought after, and graduates will have no problem finding employment. Because physics encompasses everything that has to do with optics, mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum physics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics, solid-state physics, even mathematics that encompasses algebra, statistics, mathematical analysis, these professionals can defend themselves perfectly with resolution and analysis of technical problems. The stress level of 61/100 and the salary is at 118,500 dollars a year.

10. Biomedical Engineer:

They are dedicated to analyze and find solutions to problems related to medicine and biology to improve treatments in patients. The average salary is 91. 200 dollars a year and the stress level is 61/100.

9. Materials engineer:

The stress level of these professionals is 61/100, and they are in charge of developing machinery or materials and evaluating to use products with a specific design. The professional of this race earns approximately 94 thousand 700 dollars a year.

8. Political scientist:

At one year, the salary is around $ 103,200, and they are responsible for observing current political events. It has a lot to do with the social sciences, sociology, economics, international relations, among others. The stress level is 61/100.

7. Agricultural engineer:

The stress level is 61/100, and they charge $ 78,490 per year. In this profession, technology and science are applied in the livestock and agricultural fields, machinery development, agri-food industry, gardening, landscaping, motors and agricultural technology taking care of the environment and trying to maintain the best ecology and economy.

6. Statistician:

The professional in this area earns approximately $ 84,440 a year and is one of the highest-paid and least stressful professions, so much so that his stress level is 59/100. They are dedicated to interpreting and analyzing numerical data. The results obtained help other professionals make important decisions and understand different aspects of everyday life.

5. Economist:

These professionals analyze and study the consequences and causes of economic phenomena that have to do with benefits and costs. The stress level is 59/100, and they earn $ 109,200 a year.

4. Geographer:

They earn approximately $ 74,900 a year, and the stress level is 58/100. Geographers are researchers and scientists in the field of¬†geography, which studies human activities on the earth’s surface.

3. Mathematician:

The level of these is 57/100. Mathematicians can analyze the validity of a specific law through the use of statistics. They reflect, experiment, invent and use mathematics to find new applications of mathematical methods. They earn $ 112,560 annually.

2. Materials scientist:

They study the characteristics, uses and qualities of the materials, in addition to developing and researching new materials and improving the use of existing ones. They also experience how materials react to stress, temperature and pressure. The experts of this matter even solve problems such as mental fatigue and corrosion of the same. The stress level is 53/100, and annually they earn $ 94,940.

1. Fuel cell engineer:

The stress level of these engineers is only 50/100, and they earn 95,240 dollars a year. They are dedicated to change, test, build and design fuel cell components, such as portable devices, transportation systems and stationary generation.

These are the 20 high paying low stress jobs for introverts. If this article helps you, share with friends and family.

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