Protecting the Planet and Being Green When you are at Work

In our homes, most of us know how to reduce our carbon footprint – but as we also spend a lot of time at work, we also need to make sure that our workplaces are as environmentally friendly as our homes. Reducing the negative impact that we have on the planet is something that we need to do in every area of our lives in order to make a difference.

Here are some of the things that you can do in the workplace to help…

Commuting – The journey to and from work can be bad for the environment. We all know that during rush hour, there are multiple cars on the road, and all are emitting fumes that damage the environment and lead to global warming.

Look at alternative ways of getting to work, public transport may be an option, as well as cycling in. You could also set up a company car sharing scheme, where employees can travel to work all together in one car. This has the added benefit of saving everyone money as well as helping the environment.

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Recycling – There are lots of products that are put into workplace general waste bins, which can actually be recycled. Having a look at what is put into a general waste bin can be a real eye opener! As well as waste from things like food and drinks, waste from packaging and manufacturing could also be recycled. Set up a company recycling service – there are companies who can provide this, such as this polystyrene recycling company

Recycling more will also save you money on your general waste collections, as you will not be paying so much landfill tax.

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Saving Energy – As well as recycling, you can also save energy in the workplace. Having a policy where machinery and equipment is turned off when it is not in use will save a lot of money. Also having good insulation, will mean that not as much energy will be needed to heat the workplace. It is always worth looking into ways of producing renewable energy, like air source heat pumps and solar panels. This is another thing that has multiple benefits, for both the environment and the finances of the business!

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