If you have a garage, you should use it

Most homeowners are guilty of not using their garage for its original intended purpose – namely to store the family car. There are many people who don’t use their garages for car storage.

Garages are often underutilised living spaces but it’s quite possible to integrate a garage into your home. If you connect and attach it to the house you can treat it like a new room. This also saves you the hassle of getting planning and extension permission. You may have to make a drastic change if you are planning on a detached garage. It is important to line and clad the garage internally, otherwise it will get colder. There is also the possibility of dampness.

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Playroom or extra bedroom. You don’t have enough room for your teenager/s to grow their wardrobe or you are worried about the toy collection of your preteen child overflowing the house. Here is your answer. You’ll need to make the garage habitable, but this idea could save you a lot of money.

Home Gym. Creating a decent home gym will save you on monthly gym fees. For soundproofing and insulation, consider new Garage Doors Gloucester from www.upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk/garage-doors/gloucester/

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Studio and creative space for art. You may need to purchase extra lighting for a studio, but you won’t have to worry about destroying the interior of your home.

Home Cinema. This is an ambitious project because you will need to do some new cladding. You can often find cheap cinema seats at antique dealers and sites that are about to be demolished. Why not recreate the golden age of cinema using Art Deco and Gold Leaf design?

Hopefully, this has whetted your imagination and got you thinking about how to repurpose your garage space.

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