Exercises that can help your mobility

As we age our mobility can become compromised and this can also be the case for people living with certain medical conditions. In order to allow people in these situations to stay as active as they want and maintain their independence a number of Mobility Aids can be used, such as the ones from www.abilitysuperstore.com/.

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As well as the support of a number of pieces of equipment, mobility can also be supported by a number of exercises. Some of these can be undertaken with the support of mobility equipment and others can be modified if needed for those with limited mobility. Here are some examples of these.

Walking – this is great all round exercise and it can help to strengthen your muscles and to improve your posture. It is also great for your cardiovascular health and for your mental wellbeing, especially if you get out and about into your local wildlife.

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Yoga – whilst you might think of yoga as a strenuous exercise for those who are already flexible, this is not the case. Yoga can be undertaken by anyone and there are special types of yoga such as chair yoga that have been developed to give those with mobility difficulties the chance to partake in this exercise form and gain some of the excellent benefits it has.

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