Important training for school staff

Schools are not only places for learning, but they are places where our children and young people should feel safe. There are lots of ways that schools and their staff safeguard the children in their care. It is also important that the staff feel supported and safe in their working environment. One of the many ways that schools accomplish both of these aims is to provide their staff with a number of different pieces of training. Here are just a few of them.

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Emergency First Aid Training Courses – as with any workplace it is important that there are staff members that are trained in first aid. It is also crucial that some of these staff members are trained specifically in paediatric first aid, so they are able to help any children and young people that fall ill or are injured during the school day. There are many trainers, such as, that can provide these types of courses.

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Safeguarding – every school will have a member of staff that is responsible for safeguarding matters,

but all staff will be sent on some level of safeguarding training so they can be aware of what red flags to look out for and what measures they may need to take.

Other pieces of training that can be important in educational settings are Prevent, which looks at identifying those people who may be at risk of radicalisation and also sexual exploitation training.

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