Places where germs like to hide on your desk

Over the last two years, more and more focus has been placed on hygiene, both in terms of individual hygiene and employers providing their staff with hygienic and safe places to work. There are a number of ways that businesses can ensure that their offices and workplaces are clean and hygienic. These include employing cleaning staff or working with an Office Cleaning Cheltenham company such as, who clean on a contract basis.

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Desk spaces are among the most common areas where germs and viruses are found, other than bathrooms and kitchens. This is due to the fact that we spend large amounts of our day sitting at our desks. Some individuals will even eat their lunch whilst sitting at their desks. All of this combined together means that our workspaces are the perfect place for germs to gather. There are some common places on our desks that we should ensure we clean on a daily basis.

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Keyboard and mouse – our hands are constantly touching the keyboard and mouse linked to our computers. With our hands touching hundreds of surfaces a day, it is no wonder that we can transfer germs to and from our computer equipment. It is worth ensuring that you wipe down your keyboard and mouse at the end of every day and take time each week to give them a thorough cleaning.

Telephone – as speaking on the phone requires us to hold the phone to our faces; it is not a surprise that this is another common place for germs to collect. This is particularly true if you share a telephone with several other staff members. Again, it is worth wiping your phone throughout the day and considering whether it is best to supply your staff with a telephone headset that they use solely for their own purposes.

Desk surface – if you spend your lunchtime at your desk, ensure that you give it a quick wipe over before and after eating. This will help to prevent any germs from spreading to your food and from you passing on any germs whilst you eat. Again if you share desk space, this becomes even more important.

There are lots of other areas in a workplace that need to be cleaned on a daily basis, but the ones mentioned above can be cleaned by the individual staff members at the end of their working day.

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