When,Where and how to measure blood pressure? Do it yourself

how to measure blood pressure

The normal blood pressure is 120 x 80 mmHg and can be measured manually with a blood pressure monitor and a stethoscope or through your own digital blood pressure devices called digital blood pressure monitors, which can be used on the arm and can be bought in pharmacies, supermarket or online.

However, blood pressure should not be measured with your fingers or with a pulse watch, as this only helps to measure your heart rate, which is the number of heart beats per minute. You can control blood pressure with taking these good and healthy foods.

How to measure blood pressure

how to measure blood pressure

To measure the tension correctly, it must be done:

  • In the morning period and fasting, before taking any medication;
  • After urinating and resting for 5 minutes;
  • You must sit and use your left arm;
  • If you have been walking, you should rest for a few minutes before measuring it.

To correctly measure blood pressure it is very important not to drink coffee, alcoholic beverages or smoke 30 minutes beforehand, as well as to maintain normal breathing, not crossing the legs and avoid talking during the measurement.

In addition to this, it is important that the bracelet is appropriate to the arm, try not to be too wide or too tight, the arm should be supported and remain at the level of the heart.

How to measure the pressure with the digital tensiometer

digital tensiometer

To measure blood pressure with a digital device, the cuff of the device should be placed 2 to 3 cm above the arms fold, squeezing it, so that the cuff hose is above the arm, as shown in the picture. Then with the elbow resting on the table and the palm facing up, connect the device and wait until you read the blood pressure.

There are digital devices with a pump, so in these cases, to fill the bracelet, the pump should be tightened to 180 mmHg, waiting after the device reads the blood pressure. If the arm is very thick or very thin, it may be necessary to use a larger or smaller bracelet.

How to measure the pressure with the tensiometer


To measure blood pressure manually with the sphygmomanometer and the stethoscope, you should:

Try to feel the pulse in the fold of the left arm, placing the head of the stethoscope in that area;
Place the cuff of the device 2 to 3 cm above the fold of the same arm, squeezing it, so that the cuff hose is above the arm;

Close the valve of the pump and with the stethoscope in the ears, fill the cuff up to 180 mmHg or until you stop listening to sounds in the stethoscope;

Open the valve slowly, at the same time you look for the manometer. At the moment you hear the first sound, you must record the pressure indicated on the manometer since it is the first value of blood pressure;

Continue emptying the bracelet until the sound is no longer heard. At the moment when noises are heard, the pressure indicated on the manometer should be recorded, since it is the second value of blood pressure.

Collect the first value with the second to obtain blood pressure. For example, when the first value is 130 mmHg and the second is 70 mmHg, the blood pressure is 13 x 7.

Measuring blood pressure with a blood pressure monitor is not simple and, therefore, this medication must be done by a nurse or doctor.

How to measure the pressure by the pulse

measure the pressure by the pulse

To measure the blood pressure only by the pulse, the device should be placed on the left wrist with the monitor turned inward as shown, resting the elbow on the table with the palm facing upwards and waiting for the device to do the reading of blood pressure.

This device should not be used in all cases, as in the case of people who have atherosclerosis. In this way, before buying a device, you should consult the pharmacist or nurse.

When should pressure be measured

  • In hypertensive patients: at least once a week;
  • In healthy people: once a year, since high blood pressure does not always cause symptoms;
  • When there are symptoms such as dizziness, headache or vision, for example.

In some cases, the nurse or the doctor can indicate a more regular medication, being important the patient always register the pressure so that the health professional can buy the values later.

Where pressure should be measured

Blood pressure can be measured at home, in pharmacies or emergencies, and at home, you should choose to measure blood pressure with a digital device instead of measuring it manually, because it is easier and faster.

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