How to get rid of cellulite? Cellulite treatment at home


Cellulite occurs mainly due to 2 reasons: inadequate allocation of the hormone estrogen, and disorders of blood and lymph circulation in the problem areas. It is time to learn how to get rid of cellulite.

For the treatment of cellulite is no urgent need to address to expensive specialists. Almost everyone is quite capable to get rid of cellulite on their own, at home. It’s a good news.

But almost always impact on areas of the body prone to cellulite manifestations, involves the regulation of the regime and diet, change of physical activity and, if possible, other stimulating procedure. And some women these changes are extremely difficult. This is bad news.

But be that as it may, cellulite, in most cases, curable. And, here’s what you need to do.

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How to Get Rid of Cellulite

And so, to get rid of cellulite, you need a comprehensive approach that would eliminate as much as possible the reasons that gave rise to cellulitis.

To get rid of cellulite sure to:

  1. Sit on a special diet, or in other words, to completely change the diet.
  2. Change the diet.
  3. Raise the locomotor activity.
  4. Apply a massage or self-massage of problem areas.
  5. Apply the wrap.

Consider each of the items in detail. We emphasize once again that all these points it is possible to use at home. So for the treatment of cellulite you need only a desire, strong commitment and time.

Proper nutrition (diet) for cellulite

Improper diet not only leads to deposits of excess fat, but also adversely affects the processes of hormone production. Therefore, it is the regulation of food intake should be the main way to fight cellulite.

To get rid of cellulite, you need to understand that there are foods that are categorically is not necessary to include in the diet. And there are products that are needed in the diet.

That you cannot have in the fight against cellulite:

  1. Sweet drinks;
  2. Alcohol;
  3. Sweets (in excessive quantities);
  4. Baking;
  5. Foods with a high glycemic index;
  6. Sauces;
  7. All products containing trans fats (hydrogenated vegetable oil).

That the limit of cellulite:

  1. Salt;
  2. Coffee;
  3. White bread;
  4. Strong black tea;
  5. Fat meat;
  6. Fried foods.

What can and should eat:

  1. Vegetables;
  2. Green;
  3. Lean meat (any);
  4. Fish;
  5. Vegetable oil;
  6. Fermented milk products;
  7. Nuts, Seeds.
  8. Green tea;
  9. Morse.

The general principle is that as little animal fat as possible less carbohydrate forms fast (high glycemic index), a sufficient amount of proteins and carbohydrates of slow forms. Plus vitamins and minerals.

Diet for cellulite

Applicable split meals. There is a need 5-6 times a day in small portions. Even if it is somewhat raise the overall caloric intake, but frequent meals can dramatically increase the speed of metabolism in the body. It is very beneficial to the process of fat metabolism.

If the drink adequate amounts of water per day (about 30 ml per 1 kg body weight), then further accelerated metabolism. And the body will rid itself of excess fat.

Physical activity, as a way of getting rid of cellulite (and normalization of the endocrine system)

Be sure to increase aerobic exercise. It fits any walking, jogging, swimming, biking, etc. It is only necessary that the problem areas have been involved in the process – the hips and pelvis. Therefore, fit all the movements associated with the lower limbs.

The main thing is to do them can be a long time – 40-45 minutes or more. It is not difficult, even for an untrained person. It gives the body a chance to improve the blood supply to the lower limbs, at the same time, burning the fat in these areas.

Anti-cellulite massage and self-massage

Massage of problem areas helps to shake the cellulite fat cells (as we recall, the structure of cellulite is very strong, with poorly permeable walls).

The best views of massage (self-massage) are rubbing cellulite areas. You can apply for this hard brushes, scouring pads, or use their own hands and fists. The main thing is that cellulite area were ground up redness.

Such daily massage improves local metabolism in the subcutaneous areas, improve blood flow. Subject to proper diet and of physical activity it allows for removing stagnant fats in the bloodstream and their subsequent disposal.

As well help to remove cellulite vacuum massage using cans and even a massage with a broom in the bath: to get rid of cellulite fine-proven juniper broom, which stimulates the metabolism in adipose tissue and cleans the skin pores.

Body wraps for cellulite

Wraps is an effective procedure that helps to quickly get rid of cellulite. Despite some difficulty wrapping due to the preparations, as well as the need for an assistant (or professional), we should not neglect them as possible.

Wraps helps remove accumulated toxins in fat cells and stimulate the metabolic processes in the subcutaneous tissue. This effect is achieved through the use of means with wrappings, subcutaneous reinforcing processes.

Perfectly proven means for wrapping such as coffee, tea, seaweed, essential oil of lemon, ylang-ylang, thyme, grapefruit. With the success of the blue clay is used and even bran.

So, as we can see, getting rid of cellulite is simple. Diet is sufficient to change to a more correct and enter additional traffic, and the result will not take long. A nice add-ons in the form of wraps and massage (self-massage) will only accelerate the process of transition from unsightly cellulite to clean and velvety skin.

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