Cleaning the body: How to clean the body of toxins

Cleaning the body

Many people believe that the periodic cleaning of the body is necessary for each person. But how then to be with the premise that our body – the smartest self-regulating system that does not need any additional actions to cleanse. Cleans yourself by suction and discharge functions falling into the matter.

Unfortunately, there are situations (especially in our difficult environmental time) when the self-adjusting internal processes in the body give a crash, and the inside of the body begin to accumulate toxic its toxins, which normally is simply derived by various authorities.

In this regard, reading provides information on how to cleanse the body of toxins completely accessible in every way.

And even if at all deny the possibility of accumulation in the body of any adverse metabolic products, the implementation of the rules described only help to strengthen health.

Cleaning the body
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How to clean the body of toxins

To cleanse the body of toxins, the first thing that must be done for each of us – is to carefully explore their diet and, if necessary, make the following important changes:

1) Enter an into the diet sufficient amount of vegetables and fruit, and preferably in crude form. Of fruits and vegetables is better to give preference to products such as …

  • Parsley (perfectly removes toxins);
  • Carrot (cleanses the blood);
  • Beet (cleanses the liver and kidneys);
  • Celery (detoxifies kidney);
  • Grapes (promotes the removal of toxins from the whole organism);
  • Bananas (promote intestinal cleansing is outputted therefrom slag);
  • Apples with the skin (enriched with vitamins and minerals);
  • Lemons (reduced need for the organism to sweet).

2) Eat enough carbohydrates. The maximum proportion of carbohydrates must be a slow form (any pasta made from durum wheat – so-called pasta, porridge, cereals). Sweet – honey. The amount of carbohydrates of fast forms (sweets, bakery products, fast food) is necessary to minimize.

3) At the use of protein foods to reduce those species in which there is a large amount of fat. It is better to eat low-fat forms of protein. Meat and fish – a chicken, turkey, pork tenderloin, veal, blade of beef, cod, haddock, etc. Dairy products – mainly low fat or fat-free species.

4) Do not overeat. Overeating (eating more than necessary) amount of food, not only contributes to the appearance of excess weight and obesity, but also prevents the stomach and intestines to digest food well. As a result, formed the whole deposit poorly digested food. And since modern man with a sedentary lifestyle tends to decrease the activity of intestinal peristalsis, these unwanted substances not timely removed from the body, poisoning it.

5) In order to make it easier to reduce the amount of food intake, you need to drink a day is enough plenty of fluids. Despite the ongoing debate about the ideal amount drunk per day of water is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. This amount of water will help to fill the stomach and reduce the need for bulk quantities of food. In addition, the water is excellent to deal with the purification of the genitourinary system, washing it.

So, we looked at the most basic, but available to everyone techniques of how to cleanse the body of toxins by adjusting the diet.

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