These foods contain more calcium than milk. You have to start consuming them!

Rich in calcium

Our body needs a series of nutrients to stay healthy, one of them is calcium, thanks to it our bones and teeth are strengthened and we do not suffer any type of discomfort or illness in them, however, most people We tend to think that this mineral is only found in dairy products and the truth is that it is not entirely true, in fact, a scientific study described dairy foods as edible with low content of nutrients for the body . There are foods that contain twice as much calcium as milk.

We may have an extensive list of foods to consume, but unfortunately, not all people do it and do not know the error they are making since most of those foods that they do not eat are the ones that contain the most minerals, vitamins, and proteins. We also need to know that magnesium is essential for the body, because thanks to it, calcium absorption can be encouraged. Both go hand in hand and we have to find a way to consume the right amounts on a daily basis.

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Foods rich in calcium that you should start to consume

For every 100 grams of these foods you will get:


136 mg of calcium. You can consume them in any way, but it is much more advisable to consume them cooked. In case you make them fried, try to use extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.


170 mg. It is recommended that you consume this dry fruit at breakfast and at snack times , as it has a satiating effect, which is ideal if you want to lose some weight in a few lapses of time.


216 mg. Eating them at breakfast is a good way to stay healthy and lose weight. You can combine them with some milk, strawberries and other nuts to enhance their effects.

Dried beans

197 mg. They are usually consumed in stews and you can add the ingredients that best suit you, they can be tomatoes, garlic, onions, etc.


120 mg. There are many ways to consume these foods, for example, in vegan cheese, chickpeas stewed with spinach, vegan curry, chickpea burger or toast them with some spices.

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234 mg. This plant is effective to eradicate the flu and most people consume it in milkshakes, but that does not mean that you can not use it in different culinary recipes.


450 mg. Not only are they rich in calcium, but they also have special fatty acids for the overall health of the body. The best thing is that you consume them fresh and with extra virgin olive oil.


436 mg. This serial is ideal to meet diets because it accelerates the metabolism. With it, wholemeal bread and many other aesthetic products are prepared.

It is the same with the rest of the minerals and vitamins, most of us can get it in different natural foods, you only need to know them and consume them properly and in this way you get to be nourished organically without the need to make large expenses in vitamin supplements.

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